PR and Contact Information

Questions or inquiries can be e-mailed to me at ecofriendlyandfrugal(at)gmail(dot)com or by filling out This Form.

If you have an eco-friendly product or company that you would like recognized in a review on my blog I would love to work with you!  I try to refrain from reviewing too many companies who are not specifically "eco-friendly" or "frugal", but if you feel I could help your company please do not hesitate to e-mail me!

If you are not familiar with blog advertising it is a great way for consumers to learn about new products and companies or find already exisiting products that meet their interested for the cost of only the review and giveaway item (giveaway item is optional).  I myself use blog advertising for my own Etsy shop with wonderful results and spend a fraction of the price I would pay for regular adspace advertising.    My blog is called "Eco-Friendly and Frugal", the majority of my readers are married women with and without children between the ages of 20-45 and both single and married men and women who have an interest in "Going Green" on a budget.  If this sounds like your traget audience, you have found it here on my blog!

Please note that I am not exclusively a review blog and prefer to limit my reviews to 2-3 per week or less.  Because of this I am able to give each and every one of my reviews a lot of individual attention and take my time to write out thoughtful, truthful, informative reviews.   Also because of this readers come to my blog even when I am not offering reviews and giveaways and can read my older reviews to learn about products that interest them.
I also offer a limited amount of advertising space on my blog.  Please contact me for pricing information.

My Review Policy

1. I require an actual product or sample in order to write my review. Free product coupons, gift certificates, "seconds" quality, and returned items are welcome to make things easier on you.  If I am a customer and I already purchase your products please feel free to contact me about doing a review of the products I already use and love.  I must receive the review product before the review can be written.

2. I generally take 2-3 weeks to try out a product before writing a review to be able to write an informative review. 

3. I will include no less than 3 links to your website unless otherwise requested.  I also include pictures and direct links to product reviewed as well as other products available (unless otherwise requested).

4. If I have a problem with your product or if there is something about it that I do not like I will contact you first before posting it in a review.  You can always opt out of the review if you don't feel it will affect your company favorably.

5. I do not accept monetary compensation for any reviews I write.

6. Giveaways are not a requirement, but highly recommended to drive more traffic to your site.  All giveaways require readers to visit your main website and either select a product they are interested in or tell me something they've learned from your website.  I include "extra entries" in giveaways that encourage readers to follow you in social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and signing up for your newsletter.  You may request other additional entries to be included if you'd like!

7. I do my best to spread the word of your review, giveaway, and company by utlizing Giveaway websites like and in addition to posts on my blog's Twitter and Facebook pages.

8. When the giveaway has ended I will notify you with the winner's information so you may pass on the giveaway prize.  Please do not send the prize to me, I only need the review product.  Sending the giveaway prize yourself allows you to have the winner's information in case it's needed for tax purposes.

If this interests you, or if you'd like to chat more please do not hesitate to contact me at ecofriendlyandfrugal(at)gmail(dot)com or by filling out This Form.