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This blog is a personal blog written by me.  You may contact me at if you have any questions or concerns about my blogs.  All of the posts, ideas, thoughts, reviews, and opinions found within this blog (unless specifically stated that the post is written by a guest blogger) are mine.  In 2009 I started allowing myself to include blog reviews and advertisements on my blog.  When writing reviews I always give my honest opinions and thoughts on the product or company.  When selecting advertisements I only choose those that I think will benefit my readers as they benefit myself. 

Due to the nature of working with numerous companies spread out all over the world I attach no promises or guarantees to the giveaway prizes, even prizes shipped directly from me.  If the sponsor is shipping a prize I will do my best to work and communicate with them my concerns as a blogger with a company not sending out giveaway prizes and do my best to help you receive your prize, but sometimes this just doesn't work out.  If shipping myself I generally ship your prize off within a week or two from confirming your win.  The post office and/or FedEx/UPS don't often lose packages, but from time to time it does happen.  Packages are usually not insured or tracked and therefor once they leave my hands it is out of my control.  If you do not receive a giveaway prize for any reason I do apologize greatly and hope you will continue to visit my blog and enter more giveaways knowing that this is a very rare occurrence (and actually has never happened with any of my blog giveaways).

Please be patient with your giveaway prizes.  While some companies are large and have a department dedicated solely to media marketing and sending out samples and prizes, others are small one-woman (or man) operations that can get backed up.  It can often take several weeks or even months to receive your prize, especially if it is a custom or handmade product.

I will often get compensated for writing reviews and sponsoring giveaways.  This compensation is generally in the form of a specific product, gift card, coupon amount, or cash.  For giveaways this is always disclosed in the Rafflecopter widgets.  For posts that are just reviews this page is linked for disclosure purposes.  For some reviews I write them out of the goodness of my heart, because I have found a product or a company that I love and want you to know about.  Whether compensation is included or not my reviews are 100% my opinions.  Generally if I do not like a company or their products I will email them telling my review will be negative and they pretty much always decide against having the review posted.  This is not to keep you away from seeing a negative review, but rather to feature only quality products that I recommend on my blog.  For this reason you will notice that most of the reviews on my website are positive.

I work with several companies to be a part of their affiliate programs.  I participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  I am also an affiliate for EdenFantasys, Think Tank Photo, Zach Perez, as well as a handful of affiliate programs in the past and possibly more in the future.  I have decided to be very picky with my affiliate programs and only affiliate myself with companies that I love and trust.  When you click on a link in my sidebar or even a link places in a post for one of my affiliates you may be clicking on an affiliate link.  Any orders your place using this method may result in monetary compensation for me.  Thank you for this!  I appreciate your support!  If you do not mean to give me this support you can just manually enter the URL into your browser to avoid my affiliate pages.

Please do your own research on products and companies.  My opinions are my own and may not match what you think.  There are many, many consumer sites out there that allow ratings and reviews that may differ from mine and I highly recommend reading those before making any purchasing decisions.

I write my blog to entertain, to share the things I learn while living my eco-friendly and frugal life, and to learn about and share my favorite products and companies in my reviews and giveaways.  I thank you for reading.

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