Saturday, April 16, 2016

And Time Slips By....

I had just gotten back into the groove of blogging when things went really downhill and then dramatically uphill in my life.  It's hard to explain how something that seemed so horrible at the time could turn into such a beautiful blessing.

I had a performance evaluation at work where I was told, basically, that I was spending too much time nursing and/or pumping for my daughter.  She was 7 months old and we had just learned she was very allergic to eggs (the hard way).  I refused to take less time to pump or to go home and feed her.  Two months later I had another evaluation where I was told, again, that I was taking too much time out of the work day to maintain my nursing relationship with my daughter.  I even offered to go hourly instead of salaried.  But, I was let go instead.

I was obviously devastated, but luckily we'd been pretty wise financially and I knew we'd be OK for a few months if I didn't find work right away.  Turns out, that wasn't even needed.  I was let go from my job on Tuesday and by Saturday I had a job offer.  For more money, even!

I have now been with this new company for five months and every day I can't believe how lucky I am to work there.  I went from an all-female management to a company owned by two men.  I was a little worried about pumping at work, but it turns out I wasn't the only breastfeeding mother and my bosses were fathers who understood.  They even put a lock on the conference room door my first week there so I could lock a door when I needed to pump.  I didn't even have to ask- they offered and had it installed right away.

It's an amazing place to work and I am now so relieved to be done with the toxic environment that was my old place of employment.  I love my bosses, my managers, and my co-workers.  I loved my co-workers and employees at my old job, but the management was a hot mess and very negative.  It's great to be done with that.

But with most changes in my life I found myself putting certain things on the back burner.  The blog was the first to be set aside.  I keep thinking I want to get back but time has been limited.  I will hopefully get some updates in here and there, but regular posting probably won't happen for a bit.  Sorry!

There are things to talk about, however!  I'm halfway through my Aromatherapy Certification program through Essence of Thyme College of Holistic Studies.  I also recently took an herbalist course from Gigi Stafne at Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanic Medicine and Susan Weed at Well Woman University.  My aromatherapy and herbalism knowledge has grown and expanded and I have sooooo many things to share with you.

In due time.  Because, you know, time is short and the kids just woke up from their naps.

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