Thursday, September 3, 2015

Today on Zulily...

My three most favorite things in life are my family, aromatherapy, and football.  So I am REALLY loving today's sales on Zulily!

Several months ago I purchased an "AromaPen" from SpaRoom Essentials during a sale.  I am in love with that thing!  I keep it at work and put blends to bring joy and inspiration to the person who smells it.  Both blends work great for me and are two great things to have in the work place.  My co-workers thought I was pretty strange, always sniffing the end of my pen, until I explained what it was, though!  So you may want to put a disclaimer out there right away if you use this pen at work!

The SpaRoom Essentials sale also has some really nice diffusers for an affordable price.  As far as the essential oils go, however, I am not very familiar with SpaRoom and cannot speak for the quality of those oils.  I have one but haven't opened it yet.  I have also not used any of the diffusers, although I know this brand is pretty highly rated for diffusers.  That AromaPen, however?  AMAZING!

Also essential oil related is the Izzybell Jewelry sale featuring a bunch of aromatherapy jewelry including ear rings, necklaces, and bracelets.  I've never tried any of these products but I love the idea of being able to take a little bit of essential oil with you wherever you go without having to wear it on your skin. 

This Silvertone Teardrop Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace really sticks out to me.  I like simple but beautiful when it comes to my jewelry and this hits the mark.  I like the bit of color but the simplicity of the pendant itself.  And for $16.79 it's a pretty good deal to boot!

Finally, FOOTBALL!  The Show Off Your NFL Pride sale is full of really awesome, affordable, NFL gear.  Everything from flags to pens to bird baths even!  Not every team is available in every products (I would love a Packers bird bath, but there isn't one available), but the selection is pretty great!

There are 12 different Packers products and the one that I'm really getting a kick out of is the Shoe Wine Bottle Holder.  I'm not a high heel fan, but I am a Packers and wine fan so this product combines two things I enjoy, and it's pretty amusing.

So head on over and find a product to show your team pride!  Regular season football starts NEXT WEEK! 

Zulily sales are great, but short lived!  If you see something you want be sure to buy right away before the deal is gone.

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