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Essential Oils | Jasmine Scent Test

When I decided to do Scent Tests I knew right away I wanted to start with Jasmine.  Jasmine is my favorite oil to use for myself and an oil I own several varieties of (including two from the same company).

The downside: all of the varieties I own are pre-diluted with Jojoba.

Jasmine is expensive and I'm broke, so I can really only afford pre-diluted Jasmine.  Luckily, it didn't affect the test too much.  But do pay attention to how diluted the sample is because that did affect one of the oils I used.

Terminology used...
First,  determined the strength of the aroma.  I used the following words when describing strength (in order from strongest to weakest):


Then I quickly scribbled down the first few keywords that popped into my head to describe the scent.  Sometimes I had to do a second sniff in order to place what it was I was smelling, but usually I would smell, write, then smell again to ensure I'd captured everything.

After writing down my feelings I ranked the oils based  on which I enjoyed most to least. The number listed after the scent description is my preference rank.

My experience with scents may differ from the next person.  That's the fun part of aromatherapy (or would that be the frustrating part?).  So my results may differ from yours.  These are my experiences only.

Now, the oils...
Jasmine #1: Wyndmere, Jasminum grandiflorum, Egypt, 10% dilution, Absolute
Jasmine #2: Eden Botanicals, Jasminum grandiflorum, India, 10% dilution, Absolute
Jasmine #3: Eden Botanicals, Jasminum sambac, India, 10% dilution, Absolute
Jasmine #4: Nature's Inventory, Not on Label, Not on Label, 3% Dilution, Absolute

Initial Results...
Jasmine #1: Strong, floral, sweet, crisp  (1)
Jasmine #2: Moderate, floral, sweet, fruity  (2)
Jasmine #3: Strong, grassy, crisp, floral, a little bitter  (3)
Jasmine #4: Moderate, floral, soft, sweet   (4)

1 Hour Later...
Jasmine #1: Strong, floral, sweet, sugary   (3)
Jasmine #2: Strong, floral sweet, a little spice   (2)
Jasmine #3: Strong, crisp, floral, sweet   (1)
Jasmine #4: Mellow, sweet, floral   (4)

2 Hours Later...
Jasmine #1: Strong, floral, sweet, herbal   (2)
Jasmine #2: Mellow, sweet, floral   (3)
Jasmine #3: Strong, crisp, sweet, floral   (1)
Jasmine #4: Subtle, sweet   (4)

12 Hours Later...
Jasmine #1: Mellow, floral, sweet (2)
Jasmine #2: Mellow, herbal, spice, floral   (3)
Jasmine #3: Strong, floral, sweet, crisp   (1)
Jasmine #4: Weak, floral, sweet   (4)

24 Hours Later...
Jasmine #1: Mellow, sweet, floral  (1)
Jasmine #2: Subtle, sweet, little spicy, floral   (2)
Jasmine #3: Moderate, sweet, crisp, floral   (3)
Jasmine #4: Scent undetectable   (4)

2 Days Later...
Jasmine #1: Mellow, sweet, floral   (1)
Jasmine #2 : Subtle, almost sickeningly sweet   (3)
Jasmine #3: Moderate, sweet, floral   (2)
Jasmine #4: No scent detectable    (4)

I was surprised by my findings.  I really didn't like Jasmine #3 (sambac) upon first sniff, either out of the bottle or on the test strip.  It smelled very grassy to me, not floral which is why I love Jasmine.  However, after a few hours, that initial grassy smell was gone and it was replaced by a very lovely floral scent that remained stronger than the other three samples until the very end.

I could still smell the lovely scent even when I threw the scent strips away after three days.  I am declaring this one the "winner" of my scent test,  even though in the end my preference changed.  Overall I think it was the best.

Jasmine #1 was my second favorite overall.  This is the Jasmine I've had the longest and use the most.  The scent was very "familiar" to me, in addition the being pleasant.  Wyndmere Jasmine is very floral and sweet, no herbal or grassy undertones like I noticed with the others.  In general, this one stayed the most consistent over the two days and lost very little of the scent.  It was also still detectable when I threw the strips away after three days.

Jasmine #2 is also very lovely.  Just because I'm ranking it third overall doesn't mean it's not a great oil!  It was hard to pick between Wyndmere and Eden Botanicals for the second spot and I feel like Wyndmere probably won out because of the familiar aspect to it.  EB sells two very fabulous Jasmine oils.

Jasmine #4 was the most disappointing.  I ordered this oil during a Zulily sale because it was a good price and I was curious about the brand.  My biggest pet peeve with Nature's Inventory is their lack of ANYTHING on the label.  No Latin name, no country of origin, no distillation method.  I am assuming it's an Absolute because it's Jasmine.  I guess it could be a Co2, but I doubt it.  This information is also not on their website.  So even from the get-go I was hesitant to like this oil.  The initial sniff and the first few hours it was actually a very nice scent!  Not going to complain about it at all, I really enjoyed it.  However by 12 hours the scent was barely detectable and by 24 hours it was gone.  I'm not sure if it's because it was a 3% dilution over a 10% dilution like the other, or if it's the quality of the oil.  Maybe the origin?  Who knows, because this company doesn't feel like I need that information, which is frustrating.    Ranked lowest at ever level.  I wouldn't personally recommend this one for any reason.

I will say that I did enjoy ALL of the oils.  I love Jasmine so really any Jasmine makes me happy.  My mood was uplifted during this sniff test and even my husband commented that I was in a great mood over these two days.  When I mentioned I thought it was the Jasmine he said I should do a Jasmine sniff test every day.

This sniff test also makes me want to invest in some non-diluted Jasmine.  I'd love to be able to diffuse it!

Up Next...
Florihana, Edens Garden, and Young Living Bergamot!  See the results on Monday!

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Leah Meray said...

I'm really impressed with your testing methodology. I never thought to test my EO's like this!