Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hey! We Bought a House!

 For years I thought I was cursed when it came to home buying.  In San Diego we offered on 9 homes and lost all of them for one reason or another.  It didn't matter if we underbid, overbid, included no terms... didn't matter.  Someone always beat us out or the bank didn't like us or something! 

Then we moved to Minnesota.

The rental market in the town we live in is horrible.  Seriously horrible.  At the time we moved here there was one rental available.  One.

It was a 500 square foot one bedroom, one bathroom cabin.  Only, it wasn't really one bedroom.  That would require a door or something separating it from the rest of the house.  No, the only door in the cabin was the bathroom door.

And it was great!  At first.

But we knew baby #2 was on her way and when she arrived our 500 square foot adorable little cabin would become a 500 square foot hell hole.  So we started house hunting in October.

I still thought I was cursed. 

We offered on house #1: the owner passed away the day before the offer was submitted.  The house went into probate and it would be months before that was figured out.  Dammit.

We offered on house #2: the owners kept saying there was another offer and did we want to make ours better?  We did, twice.  After that we started wondering if there really was a second offer at all and told them we were no longer interested.

Then we offered on house #3: we only offered on this house because there really wasn't anything else.  We were running out of time and the other 8 homes in town that were within our price range weren't quite right for our family.  Neither was this one.  At all.  But it was close.  Close enough, anyway.

Then the owners of house #2 came back to us.  Guess what?  That other offer fell through!  Shocker, right.  They said if we wanted to resubmit our offer, they would accept it. 

At this point I was bitter.  I denied them, a bit out of rage, and secretly hoped that darn house would sit on the market for the next year.  Just to spite them.

So out of spite, we went forward with house #3.  And they after a little bit of back and forth we agreed on a price, $25,000 under our budget.  Of course, the house needed a good $25,000 worth of work, but at least then we could personalize it to our liking, right?  Riiiiiiight...

What followed was 6 months of insanity that is a home renovation.  A home renovation with a two year old and a newborn.  A TWO YEAR OLD AND A NEWBORN!!!

But the end is near.  And our house is pretty stinkin' nice now.

Want to see how nice?  Stay tuned for some "Before, During, and After" shots.  It's not done yet, and won't really be done for a long time, but at least we're making progress.  It's kind of pretty now.

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