Sunday, August 23, 2015

Essential Oils | Sleepy Time Diffuser Blend #1

Being a parent is tough, primarily when it comes to bed time.  Not just bed time for the kids, either!

Have you ever crawled into bed and spent a good half hour to an hour just running through all of the things you didn't get accomplished during the day through your head?  We've all been there.

As a working mom I get the double whammy of worrying about things at home and worrying about things at work.  Often times it is hard for me to turn my brain off in order to get that illusive bit of sleep that happens between my infant needing to be fed and my toddler having a bad dream.

That's some valuable sleep right there.

So I created my "Sleepy Time Diffuser Blend" to help ME go to sleep.  Because I have plenty of creations to get my son to sleep (my daughter is too young for EOs).  I'm the one that needed the help!


6 Drops of Lavender
3 Drops of Cedarwood
2 Drops of Clary Sage

I add the oils to my diffuser and I set my diffuser to blend for one hour.  In the month I have been using this blend I have had no problems falling asleep!  Alternatively you can multiple this by 10 or 20 and put them in a glass bottle with a dropper, so you don't have to mess with pulling three bottles of EOs out each night.  This is what I do now that I've perfected my sleep blend.

But, one word of caution, I have started having some crazy dreams.  I *usually* have crazy dreams when I can fall into a deep enough sleep, so I attribute this to actually getting into that deep sleep.  But I've also heard that all three of these oils can cause vivid dreams, which can be disturbing to some people.  If you are one of those people I highly recommend you hold off on putting the blend in it's own dropper.  Instead, work with the amount of each EO until you find the combo that works for you.

Other EOs that can help at night time: 

Vetiver (I don't own this one yet, but plan to play around with it in my blend when I get my bottle!)
Roman Chamomile (I am not a fan of the scent and took it out of my blend after one night)
Begamot (Ordered, waiting for it to come in then I will try it out!)
Sandalwood (A very pricey oil!  I have ordered a diluted blend so I will not be able to diffuse it.)
Valerian (I do not own this oil... yet!  I used Valerian supplements to help with sleep in high school.)
Marjoram (I do not own this oil but will try it out if I ever purchase it!)

Do you have a favorite Sleepy Time blend recipe?  I've found one that works great for me but am always willing to give others a shot and see how they work.  Remember that each person will react a little differently to an EO, so be sure you test each one out before putting it to heavy use!

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