Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Essential Oils | Recommended Facebook Groups

As part of my "Essential Oil Rebirth" I have joined numerous group relating to EOs and Aromatherapy.  These groups I have been using to discover new EO companies, learn about some negatives related to some companies, and which companies I can trust.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, just the groups I have joined and check daily.  I joined many more and have either left them or do not check them daily.  Those groups are not included on this list.

Blue Tansy Analysis: My favorite new EO Facebook Page.  Kenneth Miller and Shannon Grover started this page while testing samples of Blue Tansy from numerous companies.  You can see the results of this analysis in their Files section.  Currently (as of 8/25/15) they are halfway through an IndieGoGo fundraiser to test "5 Oils, 10 Companies".  By donating to the IndieGoGo fundraiser you can nominate a company to be tested as part of this round of testing.  They won't say which 5 oils will be tested, but did say many will be oils that are commonly adulterated or misrepresented by EO companies.  In addition to this wonderful information this group is extremely active and full of knowledge.  Owners of several companies are active and post often, as does Robert Tisserand.  If you join only one group, join this one!  (NOTE: Not for discussion of usage!)

Real Aromatherapy Review & More:  This group is great for looking up reviews for companies that sell essential oils and other related products.  The review list is by no means exhaustive, but it's quite extensive.  This group also has several owners of essential oil companies on hand to ask questions.  Once again, this is not a group for usage questions!  There's a wealth of information in the Files section, so be sure to check that out!

Real Essential Oil Education Group: If you have a usage question- come here!  This group is great for learning more about companies, but also asking questions for essential oil usage.  Not quite as active as some groups, but I've gotten great suggestions for oils to use for certain things from this group.  Again, there is a wealth of information in the Files section that's worth taking a look at.

Safe Essential Oil Recipes Only!: If you are looking for a recipe, this is the place to go.  Run differently than most groups, this one does not allow chit-chat.  Instead, each post is a topic and you can read recipes and oil suggestions for those specific topics.  There is also a question thread, just do not post your own question on a separate thread, please use that one!  It's a little messy seeming at first, but once you get used to the layout it's a great group.  Just use the "Search" feature to find what you are looking for.

Essential Oil E-Books, Recipes, & More: Not a very active group, but once a day the creator, Patty O'Leary, will post a link to a FREE Amazon eBook related to Essential Oils.  Sometimes it's a quick start guide, sometimes it's a recipe book, and sometimes it's for a specific purpose (like EO use with babies, dogs, cats, etc.).  Great for building an eBook collection for free.

Have an essential oil related group that you love?  Post it in the comments and I'll check it out!  I'll ad more to this list as I discover them and spend some time in the group.

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