Monday, August 24, 2015

Essential Oils | "Rebirth"

For the past several weeks I have been experiencing what I am calling my "Essential Oil Rebirth".

As you may well know, I LOVED essential oils.  I used them all the time for everything.  I sold for an MLM company used their oils exclusively and religiously.  I thought they were amazing.

Then I got pregnant.

Calla's pregnancy brought on hyper sensitivity to scent very early on.  Suddenly EVERY smell was unbearable.  From essential oils to the carpet in my apartment.  The carpet issue was so severe I actually went searching for a new place to live, I really couldn't stand the smell.  For my EOs it meant the went into a box, and there they stayed.

Even after the smell sensitivity wore off they stayed in that box.  At that point we were living in cabin, a mere 500 square feet with no doors to any room except the bathroom.  With a curious 1.5 year old there was just no safe place to store EOs or to put a diffuser.  So they lived in that box.

Then we moved, and slowly they came back out.  It started with diffusing lavender to reduce some musty smells in the bathroom (the home had been empty for months before we bought it).  Then I started finding my diluted blends and using those topically again.  Then, one day, I saw an ad for an essential oil company called Barefut and suddenly I was thrust back into the world of essential oils.

I had been brand loyal, but over the months of no essential oils I read articles here and there about them and learned that there is, in fact, not one brand that produces quality oils.  In fact, there are many.  And most are much, much more affordable.

I also learned that some of the things I had been taught over the year I used Young Living had been very uneducated.  Things like internal usage and neat (indiluted) usage on skin.

Instead, I was learning names like Robert Tisserand and Dr. Pappas.  I was becoming more educated and, well, relieved.  Relieved because I was discovering that I could actually afford essential oils again.  But still, I didn't fully pull my box of oils back out and I wasn't buying new ones.

That is, until I saw that Barefut ad.

I'll get into Barefut in another post, but that ad brought me to their website.  That website led me to another.  That led me to join some Facebook groups.  Since then I have purchased oils from about five companies.  I have pulled my boxes of oils back out.  I have diffusers in three rooms.  I am making my own blends again.  I am looking up recipes to start replacing my store-bought products with home made products using EOs.  I learning more about carrier oils.  I am 100% back in the essential oil world.  Older.  Wiser.  More educated.

So stay tuned for the second phase of my essential oil journey.  The big thing I want to do is some company reviews.  While Googling for information on some companies one thing really stuck out to me: most were paid (or, at least, free products were provided).  While I know many people will write honest reviews even when given free products, many feel obligated to be nice.  I wanted to make note that several of the reviews I plan on doing are for companies that I have personally purchased oils from and they have NOT sent me free samples.  There are some oils in my collection that I received for free through various methods (blog reviews, winning giveaways, etc.), but with all companies I will post my utmost HONEST review.  And they aren't all rainbows and butterflies.

And so my pocketbook will take a hit... or maybe not.  Because, you know, EOs don't HAVE to be expensive.  Seriously.  They don't.  Check back later and find out the good, the bad, and the ugly of the EO world.

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