Sunday, February 22, 2015

Adventures in Pre-Term Labor Part 2

Two weeks.  Two rather uneventful weeks went by since I was rushed to Duluth via ambulance in pre-term labor.  I was still contracting quite often, averaging about 100 contractions a day, but most were pretty mild and not time-able (so annoying Braxton Hicks contractions, mostly).  I had one hour where they were time-able early on a Thursday morning, but then they stopped.

And that was it.  I was happy!

Then Tuesday hit.  Two weeks exactly, and there I was again.  In the back of an ambulance, trying to mentally fight off contractions, being brought down to Duluth.  Only this time they weren't going to do anything to stop labor.

I thought for sure this was "go time".  I wasn't happy about it.

I wasn't quite 35 weeks.  I wasn't ready.  I don't think she was ready, either.  It was also the middle of a huge snow storm and the ambulance was whipping around snow plows and slow driving cars trying to get me to the hospital as quickly as possible.

When I arrived I was checked and found to be 3.5 cm and about 75% effaced.  This is a change of only 1/2 a cm and 25% effacement.  I thought it was positive sign!  I'd been having contractions for about 3-4 hours at this point and if that's all that had happened then maybe I'd be OK.  Maybe she'd stay put a little bit longer.

Contractions continued from about 2 PM in the afternoon until 2AM. 

Then they stopped.  Just like that.  They stopped.

12 hours of labor and I progressed to 4 cm and 75% effaced.  That was it!  24 hours later I was back to having my sporadic, annoying, not really too uncomfortable BH contractions and hadn't progressed any more so I was allowed to leave and go home!  She'd cook a little bit longer.

The second trip down was emotionally hard.  There was a burst of babies being born that night (probably due to the pressure change in the atmosphere and the snow storm) and hearing them crying in the next room and seeing them in the nursery made me want to see what she looked like.  But the other part of me (the bigger part) knew she wasn't ready.  And I wasn't ready.  She could cook longer!

But being away from home, away from Barrett, away from work, etc. was tough when I was there for no reason.  They made no effort to stop labor, it did it on its own and left me with doubts about every ache and pain I feel now.  What's real versus what's not is blurry and confusing.  But for now, I'm pregnant!

In about 7 hours it will be Monday morning.  Monday January 23rd.  The magically day that my doctor has determined I am in the "safe zone" and can deliver at my home hospital.  7 more hours until I can put the concern of another ambulance ride behind me.  She won't be perfect at this point.  I'm only 36 weeks and change.  She may have troubles.  She may need to be transferred still to a hospital with a NICU.  But we've gotten to the point where my doctor feels the facilities at our hospital can sustain her and support her until that can happen.  It's a huge relief that we were able to make it this far.

Still, I'm not ready.  I don't think she's ready.  If she wants to stick around a few more weeks, that's OK with me!  If she wants to come now... well... at least she has a place to sleep now!

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Danielle Royalegacy said...

Prayers for you said for a full term baby. May she be perfect and so very healthy when she is born.