Saturday, January 17, 2015

Big Old Life Update

It's been a while since I've really posted anything of substance on here.  To be honest I do not like the direction my blog has gone.  I rarely do personal posts or content posts anymore, just EO babbling and reviews.  So I've actually decided to delete some of those and start over fresh with some actual content.  Get back to what I meant this blog to be.

First, some big changes have happened since I last posted this summer.  First, I am pregnant!  Due in just two months (March 2015).  My weight loss adventure ended quite dramatically when I got that positive test.  We had only been trying for one cycle and I was shocked to get our "BFP" so quickly!  We are so thrilled to announce that this little one will be a GIRL!    Yes, my husband won out this time and we are not Team Green.  Thus far she looks very healthy!  Hoping we have an uneventful two more months with her on the inside.

The second piece of big news is that my husband and I were both able to secure full time positions in a small town about two and a half hours from where we had been living when we first moved back to Minnesota.  These have been amazing opportunities for us to be on the leadership team of a non-profit organization.  It's been crazy and challenging with lots of long hours and learning, but we are both so happy we made the move, even though it was to an area I never imagined I'd live in!

With the move and the new jobs is also coming a NEW HOUSE!  Hopefully!   The rental market up here is horrible and we were only able to find one place to rent when we moved- a tiny 500 square foot cabin.  The cabin has numerous issues apart from size, so we've decided the best course of action would be to buy.  We had quite a few challenges along the way but finally had our third home offer here accepted by the sellers!  Then we hit some more hiccups with some title and property issues, but those are all being worked out as well.  Closing WAS supposed to be January 30th, but has now been pushed to March 2nd, just 15 days before my due date.  I'm a bit panicked by this, especially since this is a renovation home, but in the end it'll be great and all will work out... I hope!

So there is my update!  Stay tuned because I'm really trying to refocus the blog and hope to concentrate more on...

HOME RENOVATION POSTS!  The home we are buying is a complete renovation project and I can't wait to share the adventure.  From paint to floor to removing a wall to design... I'll document and share it all!

THE KIDS!  Of course there will be a lot more on the kids.  Barrett is now 18 months and SO BIG!  Like, actually big.  He's in the 90th percentile for height, a tall boy like his dad.  And when Baby Girl gets here in March there will of course be lots of her, too.  :)

ECO IDEAS!  You know, the reason I started this blog in the first place.  I have lots of things I want to start doing once we have the new home and will share those with you.

FRUGAL IDEAS!  From saving on home decor to saving while shopping online.  Because in this town we have to do most of our shopping online.  Joys of small, secluded town living!

PROJECT LIFE AND PLANNER RANDOMNESS!  Because I've really gotten into both lately.  And they are fun.

Check back soon!  I'm working on a Barrett update next. 

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