Friday, May 2, 2014

I Think I've Strayed...

Lately I feel like I've strayed from my eco-friendly lifestyle.  Mostly because of convenience and cost (I started working at CVS and sale products are just too good to pass up!), but also out of laziness.  Life has been very overwhelming with three jobs, school, and a newborn baby.  But with this summer comes big changes for our family.  A move to a different state.  New jobs.  New friends.  And with that, I hope, a change back to the lifestyle I used to live.

A lifestyle with no harsh chemical cleaners, no icky shampoos and body washes, and especially nothing harmful for the baby!  I'm actually excited... and excited to get rid of all of those half-empty bottles of crap in my bathroom and kitchen!

So... does anyone know where I can donate these things?  I hate throwing out half-filled bottles when there are others that could use them.  People who have nothing...

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