Friday, April 25, 2014

Childbirth Home Study Guide | Why Should You Do One?

Childbirth is one of those things that gets talked about a lot in our society, but for many it's not something that is spoken about in a positive way.  I'm sure everyone has heard someone's horror story from the birthing room or watched one too many episodes of "A Baby Story".  When you get pregnant it seems like these sorts of stories are never ending.  They surround you.

Childbirth, however, doesn't have to be horrible.  In fact, it can be quite amazing, incredible.  Life altering, even.  

That's not something that just happens on it's own, usually.  It sounds strange to think that something that is so natural to mankind can be wrapped up in so much stigma and contain so many challenges.  There's the unknown.  There's pain.  There can be challenges.  And sometimes that seems like those are the only things people talk about.

This is why I feel doing a Childbirth class, preferably a natural childbirth class (not just the one offered at your hospital where the basics are explained) is so, so, so important.  If you live in an area that offers there sorts of classes in person- GO TO THEM!  Yes, they can be expensive, but at the end of the day knowledge is power and these sort of classes give you knowledge.  If you do not live in an area, or live a life that is just too busy to take a 1-3 hour class weekly at a scheduled time, consider a Home Study Course.

A home study course is just like it sounds- a childbirth class that you do at home, at your own pace, on your own time.  When you're supposed to start these classes varies based on the course you go with, but generally 10-12 weeks before your due date is a good time.  Any sooner and you may find yourself completing the classes too soon.  Any later and you may run into the issue I did- you run out of time and don't complete them.  Cost also varies, but you can expect to spend between $100-300 depending on the course and what's included in the package you select.

There are also many different kinds out there.  Hypnobirthing is a major one, with numerous courses dedicated to this natural birthing method.  There are others, too, though.  Courses based more in scientific methods, physical methods, even just courses that aim to inform so you have as much information as possible.  Finding the right course for you can be a challenge considering how many options are out there.  Which is why I wanted to starting this guide, to give you a little background on your options as well as some personal experiences.  When I was searching for the best options for myself I found that there were very few resources that compared the different course offerings out there.  Luckily, I was able to obtain several so that I could compare them myself and report back.  And there are a few that I will be mentioning that I did not get the chance to try as well.

You can follow along with this guide throughout the next several months by Clicking Here.   Enjoy!

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