Monday, February 10, 2014


When Bear was first born I had him in a co-sleeper next to me on the bed.  A sleeping situation that lasted a grand total of 1 night.  You see, my son could roll from his back to his stomach from the moment he was born (tricky little fella).  And as a result he would roll to the edge of the co-sleeper and be literally inches from me while I slept.  For me, this was an issue.  He was just so small and seemed so fragile.  And I was still so large and clunky and move A LOT in my sleep.  I was paranoid that I would roll onto him, or my arm would flop painfully onto him, or any other child-injuring scenario.  So Bear has slept in his own bed since that first night home.

Until last week.  I got a little lazy with laundry and didn't have any clean sheets to replace the ones that Bear spit up on (all over, it was impressive).  So we decided to just put him in the bed with us.  One night.  He's bigger, sturdier, mobile enough to get away from me should he want, etc.  So, why not?

Bear napping in our bed.
At first, it went GREAT!  He slept between C and I, fell asleep and stayed that way where he usually wakes up a couple of times in his bed before FINALLY going down for good.  It seemed like this might actually be a viable sleeping arrangement for us, at least until I could do some laundry.

Boy was I wrong.

Remember how I said my kid is pretty mobile at this point?  Yeah, so, around 2AM he wakes up and I roll over to comfort him.  He quickly realizes he's eye level to my boob so, clearly, he wants to eat.  So I feed him and he goes back to sleep.  All is good.

Until about an hour later.

I feel this little tiny body crawling on top of mine.  I turn my head to see my wide awake son pulling his body over mine and staring at my boob.  OK.  Maybe he's growing and needs to eat more.  I feed him again.

I saw 4AM, 5AM, 6AM, and 7AM that night.  All because he knew I was there and every time he woke up after a sleep cycle rather than going right back to sleep like he usually does, he decided he wants a little late-night feeding.  I was EXHAUSTED the next day!!  And of course C didn't wake up once this night so he's thinking all went great and couldn't figure out why I wanted to nap when the baby did.


Co-sleeping is just not for us.  I kind of wish it were because, until 2AM, it was working out great!  I was able to roll over and just put my hand on his chest to make sure he was breathing when I got worried, rather than get all the way out of bed and go to his.  He kept my back nice and warm!  It would probably encourage me to clean our sheets more.  He seemed to like it.  C seemed to like it.  But, alas, the temptation of being able to eat in bed whenever he wanted was just far too appealing for my little piglet.  So, back into his own bed he went.

For those that co-sleep... I now get it! It's fantastic!  I wish we could do it.  I'm just curious how you keep you LO from wanting to eat all night long.  Maybe if they are used to it, they stop wanting it so much.  But in general if my little guy is near my boobs and at all hungry he wants to eat.  And not feeding him results in very loud consequences. 

I am still now sure I could co-sleep with a tiny little newborn, but an older baby?  For sure!  If it had worked for us I would have loved it.

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