Thursday, January 23, 2014

This or That | Baby Swings

New blog feature!  Since I got a ton of baby-things that are comparable to each other (for instance, a My Brest Friend and a Boppy) I thought I would do a "This or That" comparison post on which I prefer?  Sound like fun?  Good, because I'm going to start those now with BABY SWINGS!

During the first few months of my sons life he LOVED his swing.  Since he was rolling over from back to stomach from the day he was born it made me super nervous having him in the co-sleeper.  So I started having him sleep in the swing because he couldn't roll over in it and I slept better knowing he wasn't going to suffocate himself in his sleep.  So, which did I prefer?  Should you splurge on this item or go cheap?  Let's find out!

Fisher-Price Zen Swing | $150 on Average

When this swing was new a few years ago it went for a whopping $250!  I believe that is what my sister in law paid for it when she bought this swing for her son 4 years ago.  It's a NICE SWING... but would I pay $250 or even $150 for it?  I don't think it would be worth it.

Pros:  Option to position the bassinet part so it swings back and forth or side to side.  You also have the ability to sit the baby up or lay them back more, which is nice if you want to use the swing for sleep and for play.   You even have the option to remove the bassinet part and have it be a seat.  We never used that feature, though.   My son slept GREAT in this swing!  It nestled him in and made him feel secure and comfortable.  The swing control allowed us to swing him faster or slower depending on his mood at the time, which was really nice!

Cons: They loaded this thing with a ton of features, like music and the features mentioned above.  Hardly any of which you NEED.  And all of which you pay for.  If the swing only went back and forth OR side to side, we still would have liked it.  It if didn't remove from the base to become a seat, we still would have liked it.  If it didn't play that awful, horrible music... well, we probably would have liked it more!  So, needless to say, you are paying a lot for a lot, but not a lot that you actually need.  In fact, the one feature I really would have loved is a timer or way to automatically turn it off, and that didn't seem to exist.  It also takes up a TON of space with its giant base.  So when we left Minnesota we left this behind (WAY too big to haul back with us!).

Boppy Rock in Comfort Swing | $65 on Average

Not loaded with all of the features of the Fisher-Price Zen Swing, but still a great swing that we loved, we picked up a Boppy Rock in Comfort Swing at a consignment shop when we got back to California and realized we really wanted to have a swing still!  It was $30 and in great condition.  It's a very basic swing.  It... well, swings.  And plays a little bit of music but not obnoxiously.   It does what it needs to do and you don't have to pay a lot to get it.

Pros: The cost, obviously.  At over half the price as the Zen it's affordable for pretty much everyone (especially if you buy it second hand).  The Bee and Fly on the mobile entertained my son for hours!  We joked he had a bit of a rivalry going on with the Bee.  It's basic and lightweight so it can travel easily.  We'd take it from the bedroom into the living room and it didn't take up half of the room!  HUGE pro when you live in a smaller space.  It automatically turns off after a while so your baby won't be rocking all night/day long if you don't want them to, without you having to manually turn it off.  Super comfy and easy for my son to sleep and play in.

Cons: It's on the ground which is tough if you have physical limitations.  The Zen is at about table level so you are picking the baby up without leaning over, which isn't an option here.  Also the automatic turn-off feature is great, but you can't turn it off.  It sometimes would stop rocking right as the baby was falling asleep, which would cause him to wake up.  Also once he got bigger and could reach the Bee (his arch nemesis) he was able to pull on him which caused the whole arch thing to come off its hinges.  This is probably due to our swing being used so not as secure as it should have been, but we eventually had to take that off for safety reasons.

So... This or That?

Personally, I prefer our Boppy Rock in Comfort swing, simply because of the cost, size, and turn-off feature.  Since swings are only used for a few months I would see no point in spending a ton of money on one.  However, the Fisher-Price Zen is a great swing that has a lot of versatility, which is nice to have when you're trying to figure out what makes your newborn happy.


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