Friday, July 5, 2013

My Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 35 and 36

The two weeks where probably my biggest up and my biggest down happened thus far.  Man pregnancy is a fun little adventure where you just never know what's around the corner!  Read on to hear how my baby managed to do what only a very small percentage of inutero babies can do!

WEEKS 35 & 36

Big Ups:

#1: I have a very active baby.  Which is both a big up and a big down (just keep reading!).  I love it because I never worry about Pete.  The longest s/he's been still for the past several weeks, it seems, is about five minutes.  However I'm not really being woken up that much by movements so I think Pete shares my sleeping schedule, including my love for mid-afternoon naps.  It's nice and reassuring and I love it because I feel like we've really bonded these past few weeks with me tickling the little foot that keeps coming out of my side.

35 Weeks
#2: I am 50% effaced and 1cm dilated!  I wasn't going to do any cervical checks during the pregnancy because there is really nothing you can learn about them, at least as far as when to prepare for labor.  But unlike my midwife who is trained to feel position on the outside my doctor wanted to confirm the head was down from the inside and just "see what's going on".  So I agreed to one cervical check at my 35 week appointment.  Pete is for sure head down (which I could have told you) and the fact that I'm already 50% effaced and 1cm dilated means that my cervix is already softening, meaning an intervention like Cytotec or Cervadil are no longer going to be needed.  Which is great because I really, really don't want to have to be induced using either of those methods (well, I'd prefer to not be induced at all!).  So there is one thing I learned from the check, although I could easily stay this way until well after my due date.

#3:  We got a doula!  Well, we most likely have a doula, I should say.  I reconnected with an old boss from over a decade ago and in chatting found out she's trained as a doula!  She never got certified and when she started having her own children she put it on the back burner, but now that her youngest is older she's wanting to get back into it and volunteered to help us.  I love that it's someone I already know and really respect and feel comfortable around.  The only small problem is that she's on vacation over week 38.  But as long as I don't pop that week, I have a doula!

Big Downs:

#1: Going back to how active my kid is and my little teaser before I started my list... my little angel of a child either broke or dislocated the bottom rib on the left hand side of my body in week 35.  Yup.  And it hurt A LOT!  Pete is very active normally but become super active hyper strong baby whenever a storm front is moving through.  We had one particularly crazy storm with insane rolling thunder where trees fell on some buildings on the property and other crazy stuff happened.  And also during that I got several strong, swift kicks in the rib that left me breathless.  And after a couple of hours I realized I was also in a lot of pain.   I couldn't breath, couldn't open doors, couldn't bend or lift or carry anything... it was bad.  I was also worried that if it was fully broken I could somehow damage the uterus, so off to the ER we went.  Luckily, the doctor didn't think it was that bad but did say he clearly felt something off with that rib.  Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do about it.  I was offered some narcotic pain killers that the doctor said I could take for the rest of pregnancy, but I have decided to "tough it out".  Ice packs and Tylenol are now my best friends and I've learned to find positions to sit and sleep in where it doesn't hurt as much.  But I am anxious for the day the Pete is an outside baby and I can start healing it!

#2: I have gained a lot of weight this pregnancy and I feel really bad about it now.  Food is just so delicious sometimes and we get fed so well at work!  I'm also not walking as much as I thought I would be since we've had some weird scheduling things on the property that have kept me in the office and not moving around like I was hoping.  Because of those things I am now pushing an almost 50 pound weight gain with 3+ weeks still left to go.  Ugh.  I vow here and now to work my butt off post-partum to get back down to my health pre-pregnancy weight!

#3: Honestly, between my rib hurting and me feeling like a fatty fatty all the time I don't really have much else bad to say.  I'm grateful those are really the only two things I am feeling down about right now!

Now we're heading into the home stretch!  As I'm writing this I've actually just hit 37 weeks (well, 37 weeks, 1 day!) which means I am term and can officially go to my hospital to deliver!  They don't treat pre-term babies there so I would have had to go to a different hospital.  I am, however, hoping that Pete stays put for a few more weeks!

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