Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 30-34

 Yes.  I am putting four weeks in here.  Between finals, moving to MN, starting my new job, and just trying to get my brain wrapped around the fact that I am DUE NEXT MONTH I just haven't posted a lot and sort of didn't keep up with this.  So... enjoy an entire month of ups and downs and a few fun tid-bits from this time!

Weeks 30-34

Big Ups:

30 Weeks
#1: I did well (enough) on all of my finals!  Pulled off four As and one B this semester, which is great since I was taking two pretty tough science classes and I am not much of a science-y person!  I am very proud of myself for doing that.  Next I'll get to experience how well I do when I have a newborn to take care of, too!

#2: I met, and really like, my new doctor.  She's not my midwife, but she seems like she'll be a great person to have around in case anything happens during my birth that I'll need help with.  I chose a clinic/hospital that really promotes natural birth, so I was very pleased that when I started listing off my birth "wants" (being in water, walking, mother-led pushing, etc.) that she nodded and basically said all of that was the "standard" there.  I feel confident that I picked the right place to have my baby.

#3: I still feel fantastic.  By the end of a long work day my pelvis might hurt a bit, but no real back aches or big pains anywhere else.  I still sleep fine, waking up usually only once to go to the bathroom, although on a rare night I can still sleep through to morning without needing it.  I think that means that Pete is still too high to really be bothering my bladder!  But all in all besides maybe walking a little slower and not being able to bend over as easily, life is continuing as it did before I got pregnant.

Big Downs:

#1: PREGNANCY RAGE!  OK, I don't get this very often but maybe once or twice a week I will just feel so angry toward someone or something that it amazes me that pregnant women don't kill more people.  This cannot be exclusive to me!  One example- we were in church and there was a family sitting a few rows behind us.  They had three kids ranging in age from probably 2-6.   The two year old kept randomly shouting out stuff really loudly and the older two would talk quite loudly to each other every now and then.  And neither parent did a thing to quiet them down, nor did they take them to the nursery.  Between the shouting 2 year old and the old kids talking it was almost a constantly flow of noise coming from back there.  In my mind I'm just wondering how they could ignore that and not try to teach their children the proper way to behave in church.  The older children were definitely old enough to understand this, and even the two years old could be hushed or taken into the nursery so as to not be a distraction.  I literally had to leave church and go sit somewhere else for a bit because my rage was building up and I really didn't want to be the crazy pregnant lady going off on these two parents in the middle of Communion!   Anywhere else and I probably would have said something!

34 Weeks
#2:  C is driving me crazy with his "concerns" about my pregnancy.  Except they are concerns that don't really make any sense.  For instance, during our move we stopped at Dairy Queen to get some dinner and we decided to share a chicken strip basket.  Upon opening it I pulled out my favorite part- the buttered Texas toast (yum!).  I took one bite and was savoring the trip back to my childhood, and when I went to take the second bite the toast was grabbed from my hand.  C proceeds to tell me that I need to eat the chicken, not the white bread, and then ate my slice of toast.  Remember the whole rage thing?  Yeah, if he weren't driving the car I was currently a passenger in he would have been clobbered doing that.  Then he did it a few days later while I was enjoying a delicious wild race and bacon omlette because he heard that rice had a lot of arsenic in it.  Fine, but to literally remove food from me and then eat it yourself is RUDE, husband!  And not a way to make your crazy hormonal pregnant wife happy.  Just an FYI for all you dad-to-bes out there.  In moderation most thing are just fine and won't harm anything!

#3: I have entered the nesting phase, but since we are in a temporary living situation with no nursery or anything really for me to clean I am stuck cleaning the same 3 foot x 5 foot area over and over and over.  It's frustrating.  It's also causing a little OCD with some of my work projects because I feel this need to make everything perfect.  Which is nice because I think it might be earning me some bonus points at work, but sucks because my nesting phase is being wasted, I feel!  But, I guess I can't complain about that too much.  We'll be home soon!

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