Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GentleBirth Hypnosis Home Study | Class 2

I want to start this review by sayings a huge "THANK YOU!" to Tracy, the mastermind behind the GentleBirth Hypnosis Home Study Course.  This course has done a lot to alleviate any fears that I may have had about labor and delivery and has replaced them with a shocking confidence.  I dare say I am even looking forward to labor!

So with that out of the way, I'd like to now tell you a bit about Class 2.  To keep this from getting too long, as my reviews of these programs have been, I'm going to try to just keep it short and sweet.  We'll see how that goes...

GentleBirth Class 2 is all about bonding with your baby and getting to know your body.  The first part of the book briefly describes how mother's can bond with their babies and what babies experience while in the womb.  It's not too intensive or suggestive, I felt it gave just enough information to be informative without being preachy.

The second part of this section explains how your body is designed and works to give birth.  Starting with your Pelvic Floor and continuing on with the Perineum.  Ah, all the wonders of being pregnant... body parts you didn't even know you had suddenly become the most important things in your life.  Do you Kegels, ladies!  You won't regret it!

I found the Perineal Massage section to be very information, but I must admit I have not yet done it.  For one, I cannot comfortably do it myself anymore at 35 weeks, so if this is something you are interested in I highly recommend getting to Class 2 before you get to the "where's my vagina?" phase of pregnancy.  While C was fully willing to help me, and the course even cleverly suggests this can be incorporated into love making, we just haven't gotten around to it.  I would love to someday... but not sure if I will.  It just seems a little... strange.  Especially since I share a bathroom with other people...

The final part of this class deals with how you can help get your baby into the ideal position for birth.  I love that SpinningBabies.com is mentioned as I have found that to be an extremely helpful resource!  Luckily for me, Pete has been in optimal position for weeks and doesn't seem to want to move, but this part was very helpful in giving me ideas on how to get him/her to stay in that position in case they do decide to make some shifts.

Of course, this class adds a new hypnosis CD into the mix.  This new set of hypnosis series called "Pregnancy Confidence" and "Baby Bonding" take a visual approach to the idea of birth.  From standing on a beach to floating on a cloud it lets your mind take you to a place of extreme relaxation.  This was the sort of hypnosis CD that I never thought I'd be able to take seriously, but surprisingly this has been my favorite thus far.  I love this CD and listen to it 2-3 time a week as recommend and look forward to it.  I'm still mixing in the first CD ("Affirmations" and "Birth Rehearsal and Imagery") and together these two are giving me that wonderful feeling of confidence.

Now, if you like what you're hearing, I'm going to go ahead and HIGHLY recommend you purchase this home study course.  It's a great buy and a wonderful way to prepare for birth if you can't get to an in person class (or even if you can).  Also check out the GentleBirth Facebook page for more information!

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