Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Home Study | Class 3

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Home Study Course Class 3 focuses on facing your fears and learning to face them and have them work with you, not against you.  The first part of the class explains the Fear/Tension/Pain cycle again and then explains how you can transform that cycle into the Comfort/Peace/Relation cycle.  Basically, how you can turn your fears around to help you through labor (and other parts of life as well).

Then the worksheets have you writing down your fears and actions you can take to face them down so they don't infere with your birth and the rest of your life. 

Finally, of course, you listen to the hypnosis CD that corresponds to this course, which is all about facing your fears!  See the pattern here?  If you are full of fear and dread toward labor and delivery than this class is especially for you!

Here's my issue with it... I think it comes too late in the course! Now this could easily be because I am only getting to do a class every 2-3 weeks and I am also doing another course at the same time, but I felt like I had already been facing down my fears of labor and delivery for so long that I couldn't come up with anything to write down.  There is nothing I fear about labor and delivery anymore.  I am taking on a positive view and actually getting excited for it, and I am actively opting to not think any negatives toward birth and this class kind of forces you to. 

I ended up cleaning my office starting about halfway through so I wouldn't have to really think about it.  I saw it counter productive to re-face fears I'd already faced down.  I think if I were three weeks into a home hypnosis course I wouldn't feel this way, but I have been moving slowly and started these courses over 8 weeks ago.  I'm pretty happy.  I also only listened to the hypnosis part twice before decided it wasn't a hypnosis CD I have to listen to as my only big "fear" right now is our lack of money and thinking about my lack of money just stressed me out because it's not something I can just face down through hypnosis!  So this was not the class for me.  But it may be for you and I do not suggest skipping any classes (nor is it recommend by the Blissborn course itself!).

I will say that in the homework in the back there are some "Fear Reversing Affirmations" that I DID find very helpful.  I love reading them because they have that positive thinking idea that I've really taken on.  I really enjoy those and plan to print them out and hang them by my bed so I can read them at night before I go to sleep.

More coming soon!  I think Class 4 is going to be VERY interesting!  So stay tuned for that!

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