Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Long Journey from California to Minnesota

I'll be very honest... sometimes I hear pregnant women asking if it's OK to travel an hour or two from home during pregnancy and I just have to laugh.  During this pregnancy I have been on eight airplanes, at least half a dozen 3-4 hour driving trip, and, most recently, a 37-hour road trip at 32 weeks pregnant.  While if you are high risk it may not be advisable to do this much traveling, for a normal pregnancy my midwife says "go for it!".  So with that in mind, C and I loaded up our car and set out from California to where we will be having our baby- Minnesota! 

The drive was largely uneventful and no different from the half a dozen other times we've done this drive with one small exception: we skipped the fast food joints we usually hit up and instead opted for small-town cafe and truck stop diners.  Which, I must say, I much prefer and I think we'll start doing that instead.  It made for some great "hidden gem" finds along the way!  Heck, me being pregnant didn't even add that many bathroom stops to the trip since we always drink a ton of water and juice on road trips and usually have to make frequent potty stops. 

So for anyone wondering whether you should travel while pregnant... well, unless there's some medical reason not to I say go for it!  I've been pretty comfortable this pregnancy thus far so being in a car didn't phase me at all.  Obviously if you're uncomfortable just sitting at home you may want to rethink a long road trip, but short trips should be fine, I'd think.  And of course if you are still comfortable in general, at least in my experience, traveling even a long distance shouldn't be an issue.

Soooo.... we are here in Minnesota!  It's CRAZY to me to think we've made it to this point.  It means I'm already 8 months.  That just blows my mind!

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