Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Gro Project for Garden Inspirations

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Usually at this point of the year I've already started planning my garden.  Unfortunately, thanks to the unseasonably cold weather (yup, we had snow in May here!) I've been holding off for fear of frost.  Even now there are still days of frost, but it turns out this has been a blessing in disguise because it gave me the opportunity to discover The Gro Project from Miracle-Gro.

The Gro Project is a fun Facebook app that allows guides gardeners of all experience levels to some fun gardening projects that are beautiful, modern, and affordable!  What really caught my eye was the G.Y.O.B. (Grow Your Own Bar) garden project where you can grow the garnishments to spruce up any drink in just four easy steps and it CAN be done right now, even if you live in an area like I do where there's still frost at night!

First, gather your materials!  For this project you will need...

-Wine or Liquor Crates (talk to your local liquor store and see if you can upcycle theirs!)
-Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix
-Basil, Rosemary, and/or Mint seeds (why not do all three?)
-Wine Corks and Skewers (for fun bar-themed plant labels (totally Pinterest worthy!)

Then follow the four easy steps listed on The Gro Project app on Facebook (on the right side of the app scroll down to the G.Y.O.B. project).  In a matter of a few short months you will have the garnishments you need to spruce up your summer cocktails for your next party.  It's fun, easy, and doesn't require outdoor planting.

Not into growing your own bar garnishments?  Check out the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page and follow for more fun garden projects.  Comment and repin your favorite ideas and then get started on your own modern and unique garden that will be beautiful and healthy, just in time for summer!

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