Monday, May 13, 2013

My Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 26-29

Weeks 26-29

So here I am, third and final trimester!!  Time has really flown.

Big Ups:

#1: I passed my "modified GD test"!  My midwifes don't do the traditional test but rather a fasting blood draw and then a post-breakfast blood draw.  I not only don't have GD, but I actually have the opposite issue (hypoglycemia) where I process sugars too quickly.  This I've known my whole life and my diet reflects this knowledge.  So my results aren't a big surprise, but I'm still happy thatI don't have to worry about adjusting my diet that much.

28 Weeks
#2: I had a baby shower!  It was a bit of a downer because half the people who RSVPd never showed, but those who did seemed to have a really good time and I got some great gifts.  My California friends and family are awesome and I was definitely spoiled.

#3: I finally got to see the hospitals that I have to choose from to deliver at!  Since we are returning to MN for the birth for all of the various reasons I wanted to see what my options were for delivery.  St. Mary's was an obvious one, but there was also a smaller community hospital that I have the option to deliver at.  Obviously if I need emergency surgery right after the birth I will be at St. Mary's, but if not I really, really like the smaller hospital and as of right now plan to deliver there.  The biggest selling point were the jacuzzi tubs in each birthing suit.  OMG they look amazing!!!  I wanted to crawl into one during the tour but decided to have a bit more self control.  :)

Big Downs:

#1: In weeks 28/29 I caught the flu and then a sinus infection from my awesome, lovely husband.  OMG!  Being sick while pregnant just sucks.  I tried fighting it off but upon realizing that I was about to go on a plane with a sinus infection I decided it was time to go to the doctor.  I am soooo happy I did!  Two days into antibiotics I boarded the plane and was feeling better, but still had a miserable experience.  It was just uncomfortable with the pressure in my head (and the screaming child throwing themselves against the seat in front of me).  I can't imagine having taken that flight without the relief the anti-biotics were able to get me.  And now, as I am about to board my flight to fly back, I am feeling 100% and looking forward to a nice 3-hour nap!

Week 28 - Last Forensics Tournament of my Pregnancy
#2: I am anemic.  While my GD blood draws revealed I don't have GD, they did reveal that I have low iron levels.  I did find out they aren't *that* low (my numbers were 10.6, and they consider anything under 11 to be low, so I was just below that).  I am an iron pill and feeling good.  I am NOT getting constipated from the iron pill, thank goodness, although it does turn my poop black which is still something I can't get used to!

#3: Braxton Hicks have started!  Just yesterday (at 29 weeks) I started feeling what I'm pretty sure are Braxton Hicks.  I've felt them once or twice this pregnancy but didn't know what they were and only 1-2 a week.  Then last night I had 5 within a couple of hours.  They don't hurt and oddly I kind of like them!  Although they did have me concerned since they were relatively close together (every 7-8 minutes) and would last a minute each.  I found that switching my position made them stop so every time I felt on coming on I'd just shift or roll over and I would be fine.  So, no biggie!  Just interesting.

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