Friday, May 24, 2013

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Home Study | Class Two : Practical Skills for Mom and Dad

Due to a very busy schedule the past couple of weeks I have been unable to keep up with my home study posts.  I apologize for that and hope to get a lot more up in the next couple of weeks.  Today I am going to be talking about Class Two of the Blissborn Home Study ProgramClick here to see a description of Class One.

Class Two is titled "Practical Skills for Mom and Dad", so as you can imagine it teaches us some basic, practical, and easy skills that both Mom and Dad can utilize during the birth process.  Please note that "Dad" is easily exchanged for whomever you have your birthing partner!  Because this class really focuses on the birth partner I highly recommend that they be present.  In fact, if they aren't present, half of this class session will be pretty much useless for you.  If you do not yet have a birth partner, perhaps now would be the time to ask a friend or close family member if they'd be willing to be there for you and assist you.

Alright now, getting back to the class!  It's broken up into a couple of parts, starting with an explanation on how our brains work using the "primitive brain" (nicely illustrated using a lizard), the "emotional, relational brain" (which, to me, looks like a golden retriever feeding a litter of guinea pigs), and the Neocortex or "new brain".  We learn that the best way to have a successful birth (you know, without freaking out), is to "relax" the Neocortex.  When it is at rest the primitive brain takes over and we act more upon our natural born instincts.

Seems simple enough, right?  It makes a lot of sense to me, at least, that our brains play a big role in the outcomes we experience in almost everything in life.  So by relying on our natural instincts with some like birth and ignoring the fears and doubts that our Neocortex can bring to the table, our outcomes can improve.  So how does one do this?  Hypnosis, of course, is an obvious answer.  But the class gives other ideas and suggestions for helping Mom relax and allow nature to take it's course.  Some of these suggestions include keeping questions asked of the Mom to "yes" or "no" answers and not relying too heavily on clocks and monitors.  When we can shut out these things, we can relax.

The next part of the class deals directly with the birth partner.  The Partner is informed that their role in the birth is important.  They act as the protector and supporter, amongst other things.  The class guides the Partner through their role and how it is exactly that they can be present and attentive to the Mom.  The class has you create a "Partner Trigger", a body part that the Partner will touch and a phrase they will say that will help take her into deeper relaxation.  This is the hardest part of the class for me, it turns out.

See, I'm not a gushy person.  So the suggestions of "I love you" and "You're wonderful" just left me giggling.  It would break my hypnosis more than anything!  It wasn't until my darling husband turned to me and said "Can I please say 'Are we having fun yet?' for this part?".  For anyone who doesn't know, this is a reference to the TV show Party Down.  It was perfect.  I giggled the first time, but after that it was just a phrase that I connected to, one we use constantly when we are in stressful or upsetting conditions to sort of relieve our stress and relax a bit.  It's silly, but for us it worked.  So if you can't find a phrase that works for you on the list do try and play around with your own!  You will find the one that works. 

The next part of this class has been my favorite of all of my home study courses thus far.  It lets the Partner literally take a hands-on role in the birth.  A special hypnosis session is included (separate from the main Hypnosis Session 2 CD) that has you literally leaning on them for support and the partner reading from a hypnosis script.  I have never felt so relaxed, supported, and CONFIDENT before.  I love my husband and after this class I feel like he's really grasped that he is important and will be actively involved in the labor and delivery of our child, not just a helpless bystander. 

The final part of this class involved things like giving Partner and Mom ways to help prepare for the birth now.  Things like creating a music play list, hiring a doula, Partner preparation for delivery, and the benefits of hiring a midwife.  Useful information that will help both Mom and Partner be more engaged and prepared for their big day!

Of course, as always, there is a hypnosis CD that goes along with this course.  I listened to it every night for about a week and then would listen to Hypnosis CD 1 every other day and mixing this in until I could move onto the third class since I wasn't able to move on right away due to my schedule. 

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