Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Travel System Selection

Like all things that have to do with our baby, I put a lot of thought, consideration, and research into the products we purchase.  In addition to wanting to know it's safe for the baby, I have to make sure it's safe for me to use with my physical limitations as a handicap-momma-to-be.  There was nowhere that I didn't put more research forth than into selection our car seat and stroller and am so, so happy that I was able to find a system that works for us.

We ultimately selected the Graco FastAction™ Fold Classic Connect™ Travel System.  I was leaning toward a Chicco Travel System when my research toward strollers that are lightweight and easy to fold with one arm (very important when you only have one fully usable arm) I came across a suggestion for the FastAction Fold stroller.  I watched a few videos on the Graco Website and really felt like this could be the right product for us.  I was also turned on by the fact that the car seat is a few pounds lighter than the Chicco car seat we had been looking at.

When my parents were visiting we went to Target to see the stroller and car seat in person.  Thankfully they had the Travel System out on display and I was able to have it taken down so I could wheel it around, fold it up, lift it, and set it back up again.  All of which I was able to do without a problem!  My 6'3 tall dad (who is roughly the same height as C) also took his turn to see if it was comfortable for someone who was a little taller and he liked it as well.  So, we were all sold!  And, much to my excitement, my mom offered to buy it as our shower gift!

We purchased the FastAction Fold Travel System in Richmond from Amazon (the design pictured above) since they had the design we decided we could live with at a great price.  Seriously, whoever is in charge of designing baby stuff at Graco needs to stop doing so many drugs!  Some of them were just ridiculous, we felt lucky to find one affordable one that we liked!  But, we did, and we are very happy to have found such a great system that is easy enough for me to use.  And it was only $151.99 (which, btw, it still is!).  It comes with the Snugride Classic Connect car seat which is good for babies up to 22 pounds.  We opted not to get the Snugride 30 since I've heard most babies will outgrow the infant car seat in length before they outgrow it in weight and getting larger than that isn't worth it.  Plus we are getting a convertible car seat for just $25 for completing a car seat safety class through the county anyway, so we don't really need an infant car seat for that long. 

I had the Travel System shipped directly to my parent's house in Minnesota so that it will be there and ready for when we arrive.  I've been told they already have it all put together and set up and a ready to go... now we just have to wait 100+ more days for the baby to arrive!

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Ali said...

Seriously awesome stroller. I used one with the youngest boy I nannied for. It was wonderful because we all had a car seat base and I didn't have to wake him up when we got somewhere, just detach from the car seat base and attach to the stroller. He loved it and so did we.