Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NBC Share and Tell | Great Way To Go Green and a Giveaway!

Now, I'm not really that big of a fan of Earth Day.  Stick with me while I explain this!  I think it's GREAT that there is a week dedicated to education about our environment and conservation, but what I don't like is the idea that Earth Day is just a day (OK, let's admit it... it's a week).  The Earth should be considered all year round!  Heck, that's why I write this blog.  It kind of keeps me in check.  What I will say, however, is that I love how I learn about so many great products and opportunities during the week of Earth Day that helps me go even greener each year around this time of the year.  One of these awesome things that I have discovered this year is NBC's Share and Tell.

First things first: How green are you?  Let's find out!  Click on the "Eco Quiz" and see what is has to say about you.  It's only 7 questions and doesn't take too long.  I want to hear what your results are!  And in the spirit of sharing, here's what I got:

SENSATIONAL SHARER: High five, you're a Sensational Sharer! You're the first to organize a carpool or community dinner, because you know that sharing is caring, and fun, too! Do what you're best at: get sharing with fellow Sensational Sharers over at NBCU Share and Tell.

Sensational sharer or really big mooch?  Honestly, the jury is still out on that one.  But, I do carpool with two classmates, have dinners with my friends pot-luck style a lot, and DIY the gifts I give to people so I can share with them the (few) talents that I have.  I guess that accounts for something, right?  The quiz is a bit silly, but it's fun, so join in and let's have fun together.

Done with that?  Check out the great article "7 Ways to Share Your Stuff" to get some great stuff-sharing ideas.

Then, be sure to read the stories posted by others about the great items they got through Share and Tell, and then move on to the meaty part!  Click on "Join the Party" to head on over to the Green is Universal Facebook Page and give it a like.  Then check out all the cool facts and info about the Share and Tell program and how it can help you get the things you need and get rid of the things you don't.

Then you can head over to the Green is Universal's yerdle page and take a look at how it all works.  Share the Green is Universal yerdle page with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to get them to join in the party (for my SF peeps) or host your own Share and Tell party for your family and friends. Then post what you have and wait to see what they have, then get swappin'!  You can do parties online AND in person (bring some food, bring some wine... how fun does that sound?).

Goodness knows I've been asking my mommy-friends a lot lately if they have any baby stuff they are wanting to part ways with (and getting lots of awesome stuff in return!) and now I can share in the love by offering them up some things that are just collecting dust in my house.  Share and Tell is a great way to make all of that happen.

That's about it!  Time to get sharing everyone.   And in the spirit of sharing I want to share with you, my lovely readers, a chance to WIN IT!  Enter now for your chance to win a Green is Universal Canvas Tote Bag filled with some great eco-friendly goodies.   Entering is easy, just use the Rafflecopter widget below!  Be sure to read the directions carefully, it's a bit different than my usual giveaway set-up!

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Serenap95 said...

I'm a Rockin Recycler

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I got Rockin Recycler as well

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I am a radical reducer

Prasert said...

Conscious consumer

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Conscious consumer

mijulin said...

Love this program and what they are promoting. I'm a radical reducer :)