Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 23 and 24

 Weeks 23 and 24

Big Ups:

Week 23
#1: After my last doctor's appointment, when I learned that I had already gained 25 pounds this pregnancy, I decided to really become more proactive about my health and my weight.  My midwife encouraged the slow down of weight loss, so with her approval I started walking more.  I actually started walking a lot, mostly thanks to my parents visiting and us doing all of the touristy things around town during this time.  I think one day I walked 3-4 miles!  It felt great.  And thanks to that, during these two weeks I didn't gain a pound!  I did gain half a pound, but that was normal!  I've also started doing yoga, which has helped curb the leg cramps at night and also has helped to make me feel great.  I'll be posting a review on the yoga video I purchased soon. 

#2: We've hit viability!  As an infant bereavement photographer I know the importance of this day, even though I know it doesn't set anything in stone.  It still felt great to hit that 24 week mark and know that s/he's growing big and strong and staying put!

Week 24, Viability Day
#3: On viability day I got to take my parents to my (hopefully) last ultrasound!  We had to check on the location of the placenta since it was pretty low-lying at my last ultrasound and they wanted to check up on it.  Now, I'm not a huge fan of ultrasounds at all, but I was happy I got to share that experience with my parents.  Even though my mom had two kids of her own and this is grandchild #2 she had never seen a prenatal ultrasound before and it was quite the experience for her.  She broke out in tears through most of it!  Also to my surprise, the ultrasound was a 3D one!  I had no clue about that when we went in but when the tech was looking at the brain she noticed that s/he was facing us directly on.  She hit a button and suddenly- BOOM!  There was the baby in 3D.  Pretty freakin' cute, too!  Usually I hate u/s pictures and think 3D images are... well, creepy.  But I guess it's true that when it's your baby it's different.  All in all, it was a great experience and fun to share with my parents.

#4: Now, I swore to myself I would keep this to just 3, but these two weeks have been big ones for the baby, C, and myself.  In addition to really turning around the "bads" in my pregnancy I also was able to get a ton of baby stuff taken care of!  Thanks to the visit from my extremely generous parents, mostly my consignment-shop-loving mom, we got almost everything we need to be ready for the baby to arrive!  We bought, either new or on consignment, a stroller and car seat (review to come), breast pump, books, toys, a Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag, tons of clothes, some more cloth diapers, shopping cart cover, my Breast Friend nursing pillow, and much much more!  We seriously got HOOKED UP!  I don't even have room for everything in the nursery!  I decided to send to my parent's house all of our NB and 0-3 month clothing and things we will need for the baby's first month since we will be there for that part of our child-rearing adventure.  It helped clear out the nursery so we could get it all set up and looking nice, which was great.
The mostly completed nursery. We just the wall decorations.

Big Downs:

#1: I have none!  Really, this has been a fantastic two weeks of my pregnancy.  My energy is still up, I am still sleeping well, I am walking a lot, I have tapered off my weight gain, and I am feeling the baby daily and really bonding with him/her.  I am going to enjoy this time and embrace it because I know it may not last long.

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