Monday, April 1, 2013

My Pregnancy Journal | Weeks 19-21

Alrighty then, new pregnancy journal format!  And since I won't always go week-by-week I have also changed the name to just "My Pregnancy Journal".  Weeks 19-21 were all pretty much the same, so they are being lumped together.  Some big things did happen in weeks 22 and 23, so I will do those separately later.  :)

This new format will have me introducing my "Big Ups" and "Big Downs" for the weeks featured.  That way I can explain more into how I'm feeling and whatnot, but also include some baby highlights.  Yay!

Weeks 19 Through 21

Big Ups:

#1: I feel great!  Really fantastic.  I think I may actually be one of those women who enjoy pregnancy.  If I can just forget those first few weeks after we found out when I was nauseous and miserable the whole the time, I may actually want to do this whole pregnancy thing a few more times!  I am not nauseous at all, really ever.  I have had no heartburn.  A little bit of acid reflux but not anything I can't handle, and my appetite is normal.  No weird cravings or aversions or anything like that.

20 Weeks
#2: I feel the baby daily now.  Starting at about week 20 I started drastically feeling the baby daily.  Before that I'd feel Pete maybe once or twice a day, now I feel Pete whenever s/he is awake.  I can feel Pete even when I'm moving around and busy doing other things.  Before I'd have to be lying still or relaxing and not really focusing on anything else to feel movements.  It's both reassuring and scary at the same time.  Because if I don't feel Pete by late afternoon I get worried.  Luckily, there hasn't been a day when my worry hasn't woken him/her up.  :)  In fact, s/he's moving right now!

#3: Progress is finally being made on the nursery.  We still hadn't set up the Playard at this point, but C would paint on days I was out of the house or out of town for whatever reason and I'd always come home to a little more of it being done.  We started slowly collecting things and adding them to our baby collection, slowly but surely!

#4: HALFWAY THERE!  I remember waking up on the morning of my 20th week of pregnancy, not believe I was already halfway done!  Time really seems to fly.  Then I realized that I wasn't aware of the first 7 weeks of my pregnancy so I guess I am halfway there, but my conscious halfway there won't happen for a few more weeks.  But it's something!

Big Downs:

#1: While I feel great, I have issues with my body.  Besides the huge breast growth, I have also grown in my thighs and my belly (of course).  I know all of this is normal and what's supposed to happen, but as I grow out of the maternity clothes I bought earlier in pregnancy I start to wonder how big I'll actually get.  I also don't feel attractive and when I look in the mirror I think I look fat.  I don't like looking fat.  I hit 150 on the scale in week 17 and then I made the mistake of weighing myself in week 19 and I was already 5 pounds above that.  Which means I've about gained my ideal weight gain by 20 weeks.  Yeah... not fun!  I really don't want to be a 60 pound weight gainer, so I cut back on the fruit and other sugary foods as well as carbs and it's been helping, but I still feel big.

#2: I still think I'm going to be a horrible parent and don't feel ready to be one.  I know many people say that you are never truly ready, even when you become a parent, I just feel like there was so much more I wanted to do with my life and time is running out to do it!  Which is silly, because in reality I've done everything I have wanted to do with my life and before finding out I was pregnant was quite content with it.  I think it's the hormones.

#3: C has become really, really whiny.  I've heard that this can happen- where the father is affected by the hormone changes in the mother, but egads!  He is really stressed because of school and stuff, but he is moodier than I am and I'm the one who's actually pregnant!  When I ask him to do something I can no longer do, like carry heavy objects, you'd think I was asking him to give up his life and only live to serve me.  I ask one to two favors MAYBE a day, that's not too much!  I'm hoping after midterms are over he's not so darn moody all the time!

Well, I think that's really it for now.  Weeks 22 and 23 brought on some interesting changes, so stay tuned for that!

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