Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Pregnancy Journal | Week 25

 Week 25

Big Ups:

#1:  I officially gained only 3.4 pounds in four weeks (the time between my last two midwife appointments).  I am very proud of this since I had been averaging 2.3 pounds per week previously, and that was a bit too much.  With the weight gain finally under control I actually felt brave enough to take my first bare-belly pic.  I think it helped a lot because I feel like I look a lot healthier in the picture than I feel like I do in person.  So it really did help to take that!

Pardon the sun flare.. 25 Weeks

#2: Still feeling good overall!  Energy is still there, I'm not too sore in the evenings (but I'm getting there), and my mood is still great.  In fact, I think with the help of my childbirth home study courses I will remain that way.  They have a great way of lifting up the spirits!

#3: Kind of a long the weight gain line, I no longer have that feeling of everlasting hunger that I used to have.  I can eat three meals a day now without feeling hungry in between.  I still have two snacks a day between meals, but only because I know I need the calories and that it helps with my energy.  Luckily, thanks to not having any food aversions I can pretty much eat anything I want so healthy snacks have been a high priority!  Which, in turn, help me to feel better about myself!

Big Downs:

#1: I actually have some this week!  The leg cramps.  I've had them a bit off and on the whole pregnancy but they are mostly kept at bay with yoga, but lately they've returned.  It's really annoying and has been affecting how well I sleep at night.  I can still fall asleep just fine, but now I am waking up once to go to the bathroom and once or twice with a leg cramp.  And those cramps are what usually wakes me up in the morning, which is really annoying.  C started giving me calf massages with Arnica at night, which has helped a bunch, but not as much as I would like.

#2: Return of the shoulder pain!  I haven't had much since getting pregnant, which is such a nice thing because I can't take my pain meds anymore.  Even my topical stuff is not approved.  But I popped my shoulder out flailing my arms to grasp a leg cramp and that started the pattern of a sore shoulder pretty much the whole week.  The Arnica is helping, as are the nightly shoulder massages I get after the calf massage, but, again, a stronger pain med would be helpful!  Luckily, it's not a constant pain and goes away, usually, after a couple of hours.

And that's all!  Finally some downs but only two this week.  Stay tuned for Week 26, AKA the week of high temps and one sweaty little pregnant girl!

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