Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Listia Review and Giveaway

Auctions for free stuff at Listia.com

 I was recently turned onto a website that dedicates itself to the giving and getting of free stuff through auctions.  Being the frugal minded person that I am, this site obvious was deserving of my attention!  So I hopped on over to Listia.com to check it all out, and to be very honest, I was impressed!

My first Listia win (the orange onsie)
Initially, I had my reservations.  Who would just get rid of perfectly good items for no fee?  Sure, some auctions have shipping costs attached them, but for the most part they are just flat out free.  So why do it?  The more I delved into the site, and participated myself, the more I began to realize that people do it because they want to.  It's a lot less of a hassle to get rid of some items you have just sitting around and cluttering up your house in exchange for credits so that you can go and get things you need!  The idea is simple enough, and you can find some wonderful deals on Listia.

As I mentioned before, I decided to give it a try.  I started bidding on a few items here and there, mostly losing the good auctions because I didn't have enough credits, but then one day I won one!  It only took a week to get myself a 100% free (minus the 1,000 credits it took to win the auction) orange baby onsie with the word "Ribbit" on it.  A few days later, it arrived at my door.  It's clearly not new, but it's in great condition!  And since babies grow out of clothes so quickly I see no need to buy tons of new clothing that our baby will barely wear.  The onsie went into our drawers and I ran back to the site to see what else I could get.

My second Listia auction win
That's when I found my "Big Find".  I recently started having some leg cramps at night and was told that yoga is a great way to combat that.  I looked in my area for prenatal yoga classes, but the only one here in town is during a time that I'm in school.  Bummer!  Then one day while cruising around Listia I found a Baby Ready Yoga DVD!  I bid all of the credits I had left and then waited and kept my fingers crossed.  Sure enough, I won the auction!  The prenatal yoga DVD may not be just like the real thing, but for me it's the best option and I got it for free!

Listia isn't just for baby stuff, either!  They have all sorts of items that people are selling and swapping.  From art to video games.  There's something for everyone.  Here are some auctions going on right now!

www.listia.com more free stuff on Listia

Now defunct of my original credit stockpile, which you can build just by registering with the site, doing tutorials, watching promotional videos, liking Listia on Facebook, Tweeting, etc., I have decided to take a look around my own home and see what I can find that may be of interest to someone else.  It's another great way to build your credits so that you can replace the things you don't want anymore with things that you do.  I know for sure that when Pete outgrows his/her clothing several things will back its way onto Listia so that I can start getting some clothes a size up.  It's truly like a gift that keeps on giving and a great way to save some money while going green.

So head on over to Listia today and open your account.  It only takes a few moments and you will already be set up with some credits to get bidding on things that you need!  Just click on the widget above to see some auctions and decide if Listia is right for you!


Does Listia sound like something you'd like to be a part of?  If you signed up and see lots of things you'd love to get, just not enough credits to get it worth, worry not!  Listia is offering one Eco-Friendly and Frugal reader 10,000 credits to get started on their site.  Just enter using the Rafflecopter Widget below.  This giveaway will end Tuesday April 16th!

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Domestic Diva said...

Thanks for the chance.

Tanya said...

How fun, and they have some cool stuff! :D

Garden offices said...

It’s really fun and interesting.

June Lisle said...

I love Listia. I am pretty new to it but enjoying it.