Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis Home Study | Class 1 : Discoverying Self Hypnosis

I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn from some of the world's greatest programs available to expectant mother's who wish to learn about child birth and birth techniques from the comfort of their own home.  One of these programs is Blissborn, a program that I've been having a lot of fun getting familiar with over the past couple of days and would now like to share my initial experience with the program's first class session.

Blissborn is a birth hypnosis home study program, where each class session contains a class CD, hypnosis CD, reading material (out of a workbook), and homework for both the mother and the partner.  Class 1 is just what you would imagine it would be- the introduction to the idea of birth hypnosis.  The class explains what hypnosis isn't and what hypnosis is.  It breaks some of the Hollywood-inspired misconceptions of hypnosis and explains how it can help with labor, delivery, and even pregnancy.  The class CD also described something that I think many of us need to be more aware of: The Fear-Tension-Pain cycle.  Basically, the idea that our fear of birth leads to tension, which leads to pain, which leads to fear, and so on in a hard-to-break cycle.  The #1 thing I hear from friends who are also about to by FTMs is that they are afraid of what labor and delivery will bring.  I'll admit, I had this fear earlier as well.  What helped me a lot was attending births and seeing what they are truly like (not Hollywood AT ALL) as well as taking this class.

The Hypnosis part of this class has been another adventure for me.  It is advised that you do not fall asleep during the hypnosis session in order to learn what they call the "Let Go Trigger" to help put your body in and out of self-hypnosis on cue.  It's the not falling asleep part that has been my issue so far.  We did the class part on Saturday and then I worked the night shift the next two nights in a row, which do not make me feel either relaxed or awake enough to focus and stay awake.  Today I was finally able to give it a go and at 5PM made myself comfortable but attempted to stay alert.  I failed.  My eyes suddenly flew open about 30 minutes later, at the end of the CD I woke up feeling very well rested and relaxed, but having only heard a part of the hypnosis session!  My subconscious mind was listening, but not the rest of it.  I will try again tomorrow.  And then probably the day after.  And probably the day after... I don't have many night shifts this week!  FOLLOW-UP: After writing this at around 10:30 PM I decided to give it a shot one more time, even though we were nearing my bedtime.  I made it through the entire half hour session without falling asleep and now feel like I have a better grasp on the "Let Go" trigger.  Yay!

Moving on the reading portion of the class, the first session is filled with valuable statistics and information about the state of birth in America today.  Some are pretty well known (86% of birthing mother's use some form of pain relief, such as an epidural, and 32% of pregnancies in the US end in a c-section), but others surprised me quite a bit (such as 83 of episiotomies are given without the mother's consent!).  But it's not all scare tactics, don't worry.  The class also informs you that natural birth is perfectly safe in 90-95% of pregnancies and women who do the Blissborn method will have a greater success rate than the national average for having a med-free, intervention-free birth.  Not too shabby!  The benefits of natural birth are spelled out next, leaving me feeling even more confident that not only is my body capable of this, but wanting a natural birth does not make me a crazy person.

Finally, the homework requires daily practice (love the printable reminder sign to hang in the bathroom!), and reading from the suggested materials list.  The workbook suggests only about 30-45 minutes a day, which even in my busy schedule is easy enough to find.

I will say I am happy I started at 25 weeks.  Even though it's only a 5 week course, because of my busy schedule and the fact that I always want to at least do the CD sessions and the workbook readings with my husband, who has an equally busy schedule, I'm learning that each class may take us more like a week and a half.  So don't be worried about starting too early.  You can always just do a ton of practicing and really hone your skills if you find you stay perfectly on track.  Hypnosis, it seems, takes practice and dedication, so rock it early and rock it often!

I will have a more in depth review of the Blissborn Home Study course included in the guide that I am creating, which will be live on the blog in a few months time.  This is just a brief description of what you can expect in the first class session should you choose Blissborn as your home study method.  All in all I am very pleased with the course so far, and look forward to future weeks.  Especially class 4 (and you'll see why then).  You'll also see that I may or may not be sarcastic in that comment.  I haven't decided yet!


Cass said...

This is so interesting! My fiance and I were actually just talking about this as an "option" for our future pregnancies... We're trying to stay away from all the medicines/drugs

Eco-Friendly and Frugal said...

Cass- It's a wonderful program! It has really helped me feel confident and able. Definitely worth every penny to have that.