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Pregnancy Old Wives Tales and Your Baby's Sex

 Old Wives Tales.  Supposedly, they can tell you whether you are having a boy or a girl.  Not accurately, obviously, but still, some people swear by them.

I personally love these.  Call me a nerd but they make me laugh and amuse me and I just did a whole bunch to see what they say. Obviously, I have a combination of "It's a boy!" and "It's a girl!" results in these.  When taken as a whole I get a more clear picture of what my body is claiming I having.  Read on to see the results and let me know what yours says.

Old Wives Tale #1: How You Carry
How It Works: This was the first one I ever heard.  If you carry high you are having a girl.  If you carry low you are having a boy.

My Results: Honestly, I had no clue how I was carrying.  How do you tell if it's low or high?  I asked a friend and she took one look at me and said "you are carrying low".  Point one for a boy!

Old Wives Tale #2: The Drano Test
 How It Works: Pour some urine on some Drano and see what color it turns.  I've heard that it can make a toxic combination, so I'd pee in a cup and have someone else dump it on the Drano and let you know the color.  From what I understand, green means girl and blue means boy.  But there's also brown and red and other colors that just confuse me.

My Results: I am WAY too cheap to buy Drano for the sole purpose of peeing on to determine the sex of my baby.  I did not do this one.

Old Wives Tale #3: Heart Rate
How It Works: This one is also one of the first I ever heard of when I got pregnant.  Basically, it is believed that if your baby's heart rate is under 140 you will have a boy.  Over 140 and you are having a girl!

My Results: 150 consistently at every appointment.  Point one for a girl.

Old Wives Tale #4: Cravings
How It Works: If you are craving sweets, you can expect a sweet little girl!  If you are craving salty foods you can expect a boy.

My Results: In the first trimester I just wanted spicy foods.  Not salty or sweet.  Now, I want fruit all the time and have a major sweet tooth.  Point two for a girl.

Old Wives Tale #5: Acne
How It Works: Girls are supposed to cause acne.  Boys are supposed to give you clearer skin.

My Results: As someone with adult onset acne I have been VERY happy that my skin has been so clear and wonderful since getting pregnant!  Point two for a boy!  Looks like we're tied now...

Old Wives Tale #6: Dad's Weight Gain
How It Works: Weight gain for Dad means a little girl is on her way.  If Dad doesn't gain weight you can plan for a boy.

My Results: This is one case where I wish the results would be girl!  C has not only NOT gained weight, but he has been losing it.  I feel like for every pound I gain her loses it.  Jerk.  Point for a girl.  That makes three.

Old Wives Tale #7: The Ring Test
How It Works: I actually knew about this one before becoming PG because of a YouTube video.  Basically, you take a string, put your wedding ring on it, and dangle it over your belly.  If it swings from side to side you are having a girl.  If it spins in circles you are having a boy.

My Results: I did it and it swung in circles.  Then my friend demanded that she do it as to not have bias and the ring still went in circles.  Point #3 for the boy.

Old Wives Tale #8: The Key Test
How It Works: Pick a key up from the long narrow part and you're having a girl.  Pick it up from the top, round part, you are having a boy.

My Results: Who picks up keys from the long skinny part?  I pick them up from the top part like a normal human so of course I'm having a boy.  Point #4 for a boy, I guess.  (I don't mean to insult!  I tested this out on some friends and everyone picked them up from the top, pregnant or not.)

Old Wives Tale #9: Mayan Test
How It Works: Take your age and add it to your year of conception.  Even number means girl, odd number means boy.

My Results: 28+2012 is an even number.  Point #4 for a girl.  Tied again.

Old Wives Tale #10: Skin Under the Left Eye
How It Works: Pull down the skin under your left eye and look at the white part of the skin.  If you have a V or something that looks like branches, you are having a girl.  Anything else and it's a boy, I'm assuming.

My Results: I have a V.  It's a girl!  Girl goes into the lead with 5 points.

Old Wives Tale #11: Aggressiveness at Conception
How It Works: Want a boy?  Take control in bed!  Want a girl?  Let him take control.  The baby's sex will be the opposite of the person who is most aggressive in bed at the time of conception.

My Results:  You don't really care about my sex life, but in this case the boys have tied it up!

Old Wives Tale #12: Your Mood
How It Works: Are you happy and upbeat during pregnancy?  You've got a boy in you!  Moody and cranky?  It's a girl.  Makes sense, right?

My Results: I have been feeling great this pregnancy, so very upbeat.  Boys pull ahead with 6 points.

Old Wives Tale #13: Chinese Gender Chart
How It Works: Google it, put in your info, and see your results.  There are a few of these out there, find one that figures out your actual lunar age (whatever that is) over your calendar age as they can be different.

My Results: When using my regular age I get boy.  But using my lunar age, which is what you are supposed to do, it's a girl.  Girls tie it up again.  We're neck in neck with 6 points each.

Old Wives Tale #14: Your Dreams
How It Works: Dreaming of a little boy?  You can expect a girl!  This one tells us that whatever you dream is WRONG!  Very, very wrong!

My Results: I have yet to dream of the baby.  Is that weird?  No points for either side, still tied.

Old Wives Tale #15: Toddlers
How It Works: Apparently toddlers will only like you if you are having a little girl.  If they ignore you or show no interest it's a little boy.  Way to be sexist, toddlers!

My Results: My 3-year-old nephew declared when I was 12 weeks that he no longer loved me and didn't want to play with me anymore.  My 1y-year-old niece now cries every time I hold her.  Um... point for a girl?

Old Wives Tale #16:  Hands and Palms
How It Works: If asked to show your hands the way you reveal them can determine sex.  Palms up means girl.  Palms down means boy.

My Results: I told a friend to randomly ask me.  When she did I went palms up.  Girls are now up 8-6.

Old Wives Tale #17: Big Breast, Little Breast
How It Works: Squeeze your boobies... or have Dad-to-be do it.  If the left breast is larger than you are having a girl.  If the right one is, it's a boy.

My Results: In the beginning of my pregnancy my left breast was larger.  It always has been.  But by the time I needed to upsize my bras righty had pulled ahead and has stayed that way!  Point for a boy, it's not 8-7.

Old Wives Tale #18: Headaches
How It Works: Men have a way of giving women headaches.  Baby boys are no different.  If during your pregnancy you notice an increase in headaches you can expect a little boy.

My Results: No headaches here.  They've actually decreased since getting pregnant.  9-7 now, girls are still in the lead.

Old Wives Tale #19: Nose Growth
How It Works: It's not just lying that will make your nose grow wider.  Baby boys do, too.

My Results: My face is the one place that nothing has changed.  So, another point for the girls.

Old Wives Tale #20: Feet Temp
How It Works: Notice that you suddenly have cold feet?  That's a little boy you got!  Warm feet or are they the same as before you got pregnant?  That means girl.

My Results: Hot feet.  I'm hot all the time.  Girls get another point.

Old Wives Tale #21: Hairy Legs
How It Works: In addition to headaches, boys also make your leg hair grow thicker and faster.  What little butts they are!

My Results: Gingers notoriously have thin, light colored hair.  Getting pregnant has not changed that for me.  I still only shave once a month and you can't tell.  Noshavember was easy.  12-7, girls have now nearly doubled their lead.

Old Wives Tale #22: Nipple Test
How It Works: Go look at your boobs.  If your nipples are darker, it's a boy!  Still the same color?  It's a girl!

My Results: Again, you probably don't care to hear the details on my boobs.  Let's just say that, for now, it's a girl.  But I've also heard that they don't darken oftentimes until later in the pregnancy.  But I guess the girls still get this point.

Old Wives Tale #23: Cravings Part 2
How It Works: If you want meat, and lots of it, you're having a boy.

My Results: I have actually been turned off by meat a lot lately.  Point for a girl.  It's now 14-7, the girls have indeed doubled their lead.

Old Wives Tale #25: Morning Sickness
How It Works: If you puke a lot and feel nauseous a lot, you are having a girl.  Boys are a lot nicer in this category.

My Results: No pukey, pukey here!  Looks like the boys take away that doubled lead!  We are at 14-8.

Old Wives Tale #26: Mom's Intuition
How It Works: Mom's have good intuition.  If you think you are having a girl, it's a girl.  Thinking boy?  It's a boy.

My Results: This is where I really have to dig deep.  I want a boy, I have not been secretive about this.  I just like the idea of having a little boy around the house.  But, in all honesty, whenever I inadvertently think of the baby without assigning the sex myself, I see a girl.  Don't tell my husband.  I tell him daily that I KNOW this baby is a boy.  The truth is, I'm not sure.  I often think girl.  So, I suppose, this last point goes to the girls.

Final Score: Girl- 15, Boy- 8

So there you have it.  It was neck in neck in the beginning, but girls pulled out the win big time in the end.  We'll find out the results when the baby is born.

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For what it's worth. Auntie Em's intuition is boy. :)