Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eden Fantasys Review | Three Great St. Patrick's Day Products

EdenFantasys just loves celebrating the holidays with us!  St. Patrick's Day is no exception as they offer 30% off (or more) on fun St. Patrick's Day themed products.  I thought it would be fun this month to feature three of my favorites that are a part of this great sale.

There's nothing more romantic than celebrating the Irish with a romantic evening at home.  Especially if you're not much of a drinker or a party person as this holiday has turned into.  The green tea and lotus flower scented line of products from Shunga is both romantic and calming, with bath salts, massage oils, and lubricant.  All you need is a few green candles and you have yourself a truly romantic evening with the one you love!  Buy now and take advantage of saving 30% on this fabulous collection for just $55.30 (usually $79.00).

They say you're supposed to wear green on St. Patrick's Day if you're Irish (and now-a-days even if you're not), but no one ever said what article of clothing had to be green.  Show your Irish pride through this pair of adorable DreamGirl boyshorts/thong and give your man a treat to come home to.  Perfect for wearing under a skirt of dress without leaving signs of a panty line, so rock that neon green mini you bought in the early-90s and have just never had the nerve to wear, but have held onto all these years because you just knew there'd be a time and a place!   Medium and large already sold out, smalls still available but get them while you can!  $8.39 (usually $11.99)  Also available in black, coral, and sapphire, but they aren't on sale or nearly as St. Patrick's Day appropriate.

Did you know that EdenFantasys now carries EOS product?  Well, they do!  The "Refresh" scented Active Care Hand and Body Lotion is included in the St. Patrick's Day sale, so buy it today for a 30% savings.  This hand and body lotion is not just great for this holiday, but year 'round.  Especially in these late-winter months when the air is still dry and your hands and elbows are still suffering from that "dead of winter" dryness.  Don't wait for spring to finally hit in a few weeks to get that moisture back!  Take advantage now and pay just $7.69 (usually $10.99) for a 12 fl oz bottle.  Best of all it's paraben and phthalate free!

Swing on by EdenFantasys now and enjoy five pages of great savings as part of the "Kiss Me, I'm Irish Sale" where you will find the three products I mentioned above in addition to a wide range of sex toys and other fun, festive products.  This deal ends March 15th at 3PM Eastern Time so act fast before it's gone.

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