Sunday, March 3, 2013

Deal Alert | Our First Big Purchase | Albee Baby Review

Soon I am going to do a whole feature on our "nursery".  This is a term I use lightly because it isn't so much a nursery as it is a walk-in-closet that we are going to use as a nursery.  Due to the weird lay-out of our giant house there was no convenient place for the baby to sleep, and I really wanted the baby close by to use, at least for the first year.  So with such limited space I quickly realized that a crib was out of the question, it just wouldn't fit.  So I asked around and some friends who run day care center recommended we use a nice, sturdy, safe playard for the baby instead.  They even said there were fewer recalls on these in recent years, and with so many amazing designs and features it can work for babies and toddlers up to 30 pounds safely and happily!

Chicco Lullaby LX Playard - Midori
We started our research right away by going to Target and Babies R Us and shaking their playards.  We looked at features, options (like a bassinet top for when the baby is a newborn and a changing station to save even more room), and price.  We eventually settled on the Chicco Lullaby LX Playard in Midori (gray and green).  I loved the size, sturdiness, and color.  It seemed safer than other options and rated much higher.  C liked the vibrator and music maker as well as the fact that it's on wheels for transportation should we ever travel once Pete arrives.  It was set, we had chosen Pete's sleeping area for the first year or two of his/her life!

My Mom is beyond excited to become a grandparent again.  You saw the video.  :)  She wasn't expecting me to ever have a baby so she's volunteered to buy a few items for us now to share in the excitement, and the playard is the first baby item she's wanted to purchase for us.  However, being the ever-frugal person that I am, I also wanted to find the best deal possible!

I looked everywhere for the best price available.  $189.99 is the standard price at both Target (which didn't carry Midori in stores anyway) and Babies R Us.  But I knew I could do better buying online.  I used Google Shopping to help sort through the numerous options available, check out coupons on Retail Me Not, and looked for cash back options on eBates.  After hours of hunting I finally found the best option available.  Here's the breakdown:

Website: Albee Baby
Price: $189.99
Coupon Code: 15off for15% Off
Cash Back: None :(
Shipping and Tax: $0 (free shipping on purchases of $49 or more)
Total Price: $161.49

If you like the playard and like the looks of the Fuego color, Albee Baby has a 25% off sale on this style which brings the total down to $142.xx!  I tried falling in love with the Fuego color, but Mirdori already had my heart!

Ordering online was easy, no need to create an account.  I ordered around midnight on Saturday and received a UPS shipping confirmation Monday morning. As of right now the package is here in town, but since UPS doesn't deliver on weekends we'll have to wait until tomorrow to get it.  But pending anything weird with that, my shopping experience with Albee Baby has been great!  Ground shipping from New Jersey, if you live on the East Coast or midwest it probably won't take a week to get to you!

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