Saturday, March 30, 2013

Baby Face and Updates

I have been AWOL again.  Two weeks ago I was down in LA for our Forensics State Tournament.  I didn't win anything, although the judges really seemed to like me and I got at on of compliments... I was also accused (jokingly) of cheating since I do a pregnancy interp piece and am very obviously pregnant now.  However, I wrote my pregnancy piece months before I got pregnant... it's just a crazy coincidence.   Immediately after that I had a week full of work and school heading into the arrival of my parents for a week-long vacation here in sunny California!  They sure appreciated the nice weather after months of nothing but cold and snow in Minnesota.  Bonus for the baby and I, my mom loves to spoil me when she's around and we got a lot of the big things we need for the baby!  The stroller and car seat are taken care of, baby carriers, clothes, cloth diapers... it's all pretty much set for Pete to arrive!

My parents visit also coincided with my midterms in school as well as a lot of doctor's appointments to check up on  little problems I've had along the way (placenta previa, oversized baby... updates on those things soon!) so on top of everything else I was studying like a mad woman trying to prove that I can do well in school despite Baby Brain while also trying to remember the dozen appointment times I had last week plus entertaining my parents.  But, basically, some things that I wanted to do didn't get done next week, including several blog post ideas I had and have since forgotten.  Darn that baby brain!

I know I'm really behind in my pregnancy journal and that's mostly because I want to switch up how I do it.  Since literally not much changes week to week anymore, but I do have weekly highs and lows so I'm thinking of re-formatting the journal to cover those from now on.  So I will be working that out and getting caught up to that soon.

One big highlight from last week that I wanted to share was that I got another ultrasound!  Since my 14 week u/s showed a few, uh, issues, they wanted to do a follow-up to see how those issues were coming along.  It was a tech who did the u/s so I wasn't told much except that my large baby is no longer large!  Rather than measuring 8+ days ahead s/he is now just 4 days ahead, which is well within the margin of error and make me a very happy person!  Last thing I want is a 10 pound baby.  Eeek!  Another highlight of this ultrasound is that the imaging place had 3D machines, which I didn't realize until we were there for the appointment and she suddenly switched the view from the regular u/s to 3D.  There s/he was... our little baby.  All squished up looking really annoyed in almost human-like form.  It was a lot less creepy then I thought it would be, but then again I find my child's u/s to be a lot less creepy than those of other people.  Must by a mom thing.  :)

However, since I do still find u/s images to be creepy, ESPECIALLY 3D u/s images, I will only share one with you in case you feel the same way.  I'd hate to be a hypocrite and all, even though I'm fairly certain my kid is freakin' adorable and you'll all agree with me.

No other updates on the medical follow-ups I had this week, results will be in next week and I'll let you know then how it all went.

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Mini MNM's said...

Those 3d ultrasounds can be a bit creepy, but they are so fun!