Friday, February 22, 2013

The Things I Never Knew About Pregnancy... Or Knew But Didn't Fully Grasp

I am only a week and a half away from the halfway mark.  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by.  I always thought that pregnancy would eek along in a slow, painful way but that hasn't been the case at all.  I found myself almost in tears the other day, hand on my belly, telling C that our baby was growing up to fast.  Not even here yet, but the idea that s/he is now the size of a bell pepper freaked me out.

This got to me thinking of all of the other things I either had no clue about pregnancy or had been told but didn't fully grasp until I was pregnant.  The list is quite long.  I figured I'd chop it down to the first five things that come to my mind.  Then later in the third trimester I'll do another post and see how my perceptions have changed!  Here we go...

1) Not everyone gets morning sickness.  And not all morning sickness happens in the morning.  It may not last the whole pregnancy.

-I've had enough pregnant friends to know most of this.  Plus, thanks to Phoebe on "Friends" saying "I get my morning sickness in the evening", I happen to know that it can come at any time during the day.   What I didn't realize is that some people don't really get sick at all.  I really didn't.  I felt nauseous a lot, but I've only thrown up a few times during this pregnancy.  Since I'm a puker to begin with, this shocked me.  I thought for sure I'd be hugging the toilet on a daily basis, but never did feel that need.  The nausea then wore off by 13 weeks and I've been feeling great every since.  However, I know others are not so fortunate and will be sick all day throughout their entire pregnancy.  If that was you, HUGE hugs!  I cannot imagine!  But pre-pregnancy (or rather during my naive youth), I thought morning sickness always lasted the entire pregnancy.  I didn't realize most women were over it in the first tri.

2) You won't feel the baby until around 18-20 weeks.

-I've heard this, but the thought baffles my mind.  There's a living thing in me.  Moving.  A lot, sometimes!  And I can't feel it.  I get that when it's small, but the clinic I went to for my pregnancy test and dating ultrasound gave me this little model of a 12-week fetus and I feel like it's a HUGE thing to have inside you and not feel.  I started feeling some sporadic movement around 16 weeks, but nothing consistent yet.  I can feel that the baby is in there, but I can't feel the actual baby.  It's weird.

3) Pregnancy brain is a real thing.

-Again, I've heard this, but always thought my friends were joking.  OMG it's not a joke!  For me it's gotten a lot better, but in the first trimester I was a worthless human being.  I couldn't remember anything five minutes after you told it to me.  Wanted me to remind you of something?  Not happening.  Want me to call you back in 10 minutes?  Nope, sorry, forgot.  I really did dread going back to school with my worthless mind, but it did get better.  I feel close to 100% again.

4) Pregnant women are crazy.

-Not only on an individual level, but if you get a group of us in a room (or a message board), watch out.  The crazy will fly and the crazy will fly often.  I've heard of pregnant women being emotional, but I thought that would mean I would cry more.  Not go from being super clingy and needy to pissed off for no reason to stressed out for no reason to annoyed for no reason.  All at the same person.  In the span of about five minutes.  My poor husband!

5) Boobs can grow.  A lot.

-I remember in "Look Who's Talking" when Kirstie Allie's character is looking in the mirror after having her baby and is reading the baby book that says her breasts may swell slightly and she replies "Slightly?  I could be in a Russ Myers movie!".   So, boobs grow after you have a baby.  That makes sense.  But what no one ever told me is that these things can start growing almost instantaneously.   By week 10 I was with my Mom at the mall getting myself measured because my girls were pouring out of my 32C bra and literally cried when I was told I was a 34DD.  I have since grown even more, but I refuse to get a larger bra.  C of course loves it, but learning to carry this extra weight all of my mid section is causing some sores and pains I'd rather not deal with.  Now here's to hoping they go away soon.

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