Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Second Midwife Appointment | Good News!

I got some really good news at my midwife appointment today.

First of all, there were two "issues" found during my anatomy scan two weeks ago that we discussed at this appointment.  Neither changes my opinions on my birthing style.  And of course wouldn't change my opinion about my child.  I am choosing to mostly ignore one and completely ignore the other as I don't feel it will affect either myself nor my child in the long run.  For the other issue I will have another ultrasound around 26 weeks.

Other than that, we had nothing but great things to talk about.

My blood tests all came back with amazingly great results.

I found out that my blood type is A+... like my GPA!  Har har har.

We did NOT change my due date. 

The baby's heartbeat is nice and strong.  I sort of zoned out listening to it as the midwife was tracking the numbers and I must have shifted because it suddenly got really loud and made me jump.  When the happened the baby's heart rate went from around 150 to 160, which the midwife said is a very good sign.  It shows that the baby is responsive and aware.  Yay for responsive and aware babies, right?

After an hour of chatting and laughing I went home in great spirits.  Next appoint is the third week in March.

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