Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Pregnancy Week By Week | 15-18

I know, I am making a huge jump here and including three weeks in one post.  Mostly this was done because not much changed between weeks.  I kept waiting for something profound to happen (and something did in week 16, but not enough to get its own post), for a change to happen that separated these weeks from one another in my mind, but nothing came.  So I just decided to lump them all together.  Enjoy!

Weeks 15 through 18

Week 17
Symptoms: Noticeably all of my previous symptoms are gone.  Gone is the bloating, the nausea, the tiredness.  This is the "good" part of pregnancy and I hope it lasts.  *Knock on wood*  I feel almost not-pregnant.  Minus my constant awareness that there is a living being growing in me and every decision I make as far as what I do with my body affects it, I feel normal.  It's great!  Minus the being sick in weeks 17 and 18, of course!  The big news is that later in week 16 I started feeling movement!  It was while on break from work, I was sitting in the break room, and I just started feeling the "flutters".  Only to me if felt more like a bunch of  little frogs hopping around.  I loved that feeling.  I don't feel it consistently yet, in fact I didn't feel it at all in week 17 which caused me to ask the doctor in the ER if I could get a quick dopplar listen.  But it's good to know that the feeling are there, my baby is there!  And best of all, the baby brain is gone!  I finally feel like I have my mind back.  All of my fears of that being a "forever" thing are gone.  Thank goodness!

How I Am Feeling: This is my last day of Week 18 and I feel great.  Yes, week 17 and most of 18 were horrible because of the bronchitis and the ear infection, but beyond that I feel "normal", like mentioned above.  My energy is back, which is awesome, especially since I'm working 20 hours a week at a pharmacy now to help save up some money for this little one.  I am now trying to allow myself to get more excited for this little one to arrive.  We have started buying things, for instance, and people are already buying gifts off our registry that I made public a couple of weeks ago!  It's all becoming more real as our home grows more and more full of cute little baby stuff!  Now, if I can just get over the whole "I'm going to be a horrible parent" thing.  I don't see that happening anytime soon, though!

Appointments, New, Updates: I had my second midwife appointment, which went great!  It makes me really sad that I will ultimately say good-bye to this group of amazing midwifes when we leave for MN in a few months, but they have been a great support through the pregnancy.  I do have slight placenta previa, but we expect that to be gone within a few weeks.  I will have a follow-up ultrasound at about 26 weeks to confirm that.  Other than that, things are coming along just as they should!  Baby is still a little large, but we are sticking with our original due date, which makes me so relieved!  And it's amazing to me to think that the next time I write one of these I'll be "halfway there"!

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