Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Pregnancy Week by Week | 13-14 (I Think)

Ah, bad at updating.  I do suck.  I questioned how to start doing these weekly updates and then just completely forgot about them.  Whoopsies!  Anyway, I was questioning these updates because after my first midwife appointment at the end of week 13 I realized I didn't actually know how far along I was.  The ultrasound I had at the end of week 14 didn't help that any.  I don't want to post false info as far as my weekly updates, but the more I think about it the more I'm convinced that I do have my dates right!  So... back to the updates.  :)

Weeks 13 and 14

Symptoms: Pretty much done with the horrible dry heaving symptom that was plaguing me through the first trimester.  It would happen on a very rare occasion if I smelled something or saw something really gross, but otherwise was not a daily or even weekly occurrence by this point.  The belly also continued to grow, but not at the pace that I had experienced the weeks before.  The one bad thing I had was the re-occurrence of the chest pains I had experienced earlier in the pregnancy.  I once again went to bed feeling a little uncomfortable and then woke up feeling like I was having a heart attack.  My entire chest hurt and burned like I was going to die and my left arm was numb, as was my neck up to my jaw.  C helped by massaging my shoulder and helping me breath to relax.  From my earlier dealings with this situation I knew it would be gone by morning and I'd be fine and I was right.  Then I found out from my midwife that, most likely, I was experiencing large amount of breast growth during this time and that's what was causing the pains.  She was right.  Not a huge growth, but a noticable one.  Darn boobs!

The bears the hubby picked out
How I'm Feeling:  Energy slowly started creeping back.  I started back at school during this time so I was adjusting again to a busy schedule.  I did start drinking half a cup of coffee in the mornings to help me get through the day.  During days off I would still nap in the middle of the day, but for the most part my energy was coming back nicely.  We also bought some paint to start working on the area we are using as the nursery and that felt like a nice, big step toward preparing for this baby.

Appointments, News, Update: Had my first midwife appointment during this time, which you can read all about.  It went well and we got to hear the heartbeat.  She decided to schedule another dating u/s for us for the following week (end of week 14, but I'll save that update for the week 15-16 update).  I also continued to go to my Earn While You Learn program and C actually started coming with me to those.  He also initiated the buying power of our credits earned.  The first thing we bought for the baby were two little homemade stuffed bears.  They have this sort of "so creepy it's cute" thing going.   Other than that, and the fact that my due date may be way different than we thought, not much else happened.

More updates coming soon, along with the results of our surprise anatomy scan and maybe even some pictures if I can figure out how to scan them!

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