Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm Having a Home Birth... Right? Nope!

Photo Credit: Organic Home Birth
Anyone who has known me for any period of time knows that if this were a perfect world I would be having my baby at home.  I have attended home births as part of my job and I love the environment.  So quiet and relaxing and intimate.  Mothers always seems peaceful and they've always made labor seem... easy.  I fully trust midwifes and the midwifery style of care.  To me, it's ideal.

The Birth Day Place - My CA Birth Center
But for me, it's not to be.  Since Pete (the nickname given to the baby by my father over Christmas, has no bearing on the sex at all... we are still Team Green) was a bit of a surprise we didn't have any time to save for this baby.  We didn't have any time to get out of our debts (though we are getting closer!).  We didn't have any time to even find better paying jobs in order to afford all of this.  We will get by, not a problem, but financially speaking we weren't exactly where we wanted to be.  My insurance didn't cover maternity care, labor, or delivery, so midwife care seemed the best candidate since I would have to pay for everything out of pocket.  But then I found out that the ONE midwife in our area was going to be taking the entire month of July off to vacation with her family.  I then decided to start seeing the midwifes through a local hospital who worked out of this great birth center attached to the hospital.  The midwifes are in charge there and it seemed like a great compromise.  They worked with me to get on a health plan that would cover them.  All seemed great for my birth center attached to hospital birth.

St. Mary's Essentia: Probably My Hospital

Then C and I made the decision to return to MN for the summer.  C could get a job at the camp we both worked at last year and I'm working with the director to get a half-summer job so that I can work and we can both save up money until the baby is born.  After that C will continue to work and I'll stay with my parents who will help get me over those first few tough weeks.  Again, not the most ideal situation, but one that will work great for us.

Now the problem.  I didn't save up any money since getting my health care taken care of.  All of my money went to that.  I did find a great midwife nears my parents, but what she's charging is not something that I can afford right now, unfortunately.  Even after trying to find a way it just makes more sense to have the "free" (i.e. I won't get a bill and insurance will cover it) hospital birth.  Sadly, there is no hospital with a birth center run by midwifes in the area.

I am really bummed about this, and it creates a situation I really hoped I wouldn't find myself in: Preparing for a nature hospital birth.   I know it's doable and I've been researching things like crazy!  Every day I try to read a birth story or two on Birth Without Fear and I've already signed up to take some birthing classes.

It's not what I want, but it's what is best for us right now.  The baby is going to get here some way or another, anyway, right?  So follow along as I prepare for our natural hospital birth, every way I can!

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Misusedinnocence said...

*hugs* I love you honey. Sorry it's not working out the way you originally wanted it too, but however Pete gets here, it'll be great. ;)

That said, overalll Riverside was wonderful, through Fairview, but they're by the University of MN, so I don't know if you want to be all the way up there, but they were great for me and Drew, with only a couple exceptions, and since you're not on the c-section track, I can't forsee that being a problem. You just let me know where I show up with presents. ;)