Friday, January 25, 2013

The First Midwife Appointment

On Monday I had my first appointment with my midwife.  13-14 weeks is a touch late to be seeing your caregiver for the first time, but because I didn't find out I was even pregnant until week 6 I was a bit behind of the crowd in general.  I hadn't researched midwifes and OBs in Chico yet, either, so I had no clue on where to start when I did learn I was pregnant.  I found it difficult to pick a caregiver from a list of names handed to me at the women's clinic.  I felt like that was about as smart as throwing a dart at a target and picking whichever doctor it landed on.  So I went about to asking friends what their experiences were.

The problem there is a bit obvious.  I know a grand total of two people here who have babies: one had her baby about 6 years ago and the other had a scheduled c-section, and also a family member that we weren't going to tell until week 10, after I had a chance to tell my parents in person.  So I was going off a single, slightly outdated referral.  In the end, I just decided to trust my instincts and go with the midwifery practice in the area.  It's always been my inclination to go as non-medical as possible and they seemed the best bet.  So at 8 weeks I called to make an appointment, and it was then I was informed that their first new patient appointment opening was January 21st.  So that is why I didn't see anyone until I was almost done with my 13th week of pregnancy.

I quickly discovered that the wait was worth it.  My midwife, Ann, is awesome.  I felt very comfortable with her from the moment I stepped into the room.  She had mentioned the genetic testing that we could do, but didn't question us one bit when we said we wanted to do no genetic testing or any testing that would reveal if our child had a developmental disorder (such as Downs Syndrome or Spina Bifada) that would not require immediate surgery after birth.  She answered all of my questions and concerns that I had about pregnancy and encouraged pretty much everything I was doing.  We chatted for a while before she even had me get up on the table for the exam.

The exam went pretty well itself.  Ann had noticed what I already know- I'm huge.  She commented that from how I looked and felt that she would place me closer to 16 weeks, mostly due to my uterus's position in relation to my belly button.  She pulled out the tape measure to be certain and I'm measuring right at 14 weeks, so I just feel/look larger.  She suspects it may have to do with the position of the placenta or my uterus.  Then we took a listen to the heartbeat so we finally got to hear the little ones heartbeat!  I will say it was really cool.  There would be an occasional crackling sound which she told us might mean the baby is moving.  If that's the case, our little guy was moving up a storm in there!  The heartbeat was strong in the 150s. 

At the end she decided she wanted to order another ultrasound in order to make sure I am really measuring 14 weeks and to check up on my cysts.  Since she's a new doctor and I haven't had any recent examinations on my cysts she wanted to get more up to date on them.  I have been experiencing a lot of pain which is most likely round ligament pain, but just in case it's not she wants to check it out.

So after a they took about 4 vials of blood I left with my next appointment scheduled for February 13th and my ultrasound scheduled for January 28th (Monday).  So I should have more news on the baby next week!

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