Monday, January 7, 2013

My Pregnancy Week by Week | 7-8

These were the first weeks when I really felt pregnant.  There was no more confusing my symptoms for side symptoms of being sick.  Although I still wonder if my symptoms were real or if they were made worse by my own mind.  It just seems odd to me that just a day or two after finding out I was pregnant I suddenly had all of the bad pregnancy symptoms that you hear about.  And considering how quickly they went away, I think I'm right about this.  So take this update at face value as I'm pretty sure I made most of it up in my mind.  :)

Week 7

Symptoms:  LOTS!  "Morning sickness" started this week.  I have quickly learned that each person has a different version of what this means.  For me, it wasn't vomiting, but rather waking up really, really nauseous and icky feeling.  I had to eat right away or it would get worse, so I started keeping crackers on my nightstand and I would pop a couple in my mouth the moment I woke up, even if it was in the middle of the night.  I was also extremely and almost painfully bloated for several hours after each meal and really gassy.  No matter what I ate I'd get super bloated and gassy.  Drove my dog nuts.  Haha!  Finally, the worst symptom of all (and the most real out of all of them)... the dry heaving!  No one warned me about the dry heaving.  I thought I'd throw up but I don't do that at all, only three times this whole pregnancy and usually because I'm trying to swallow my giant prenatal vitamins.  Instead, I just dry heave like I'm going to throw up but nothing ever comes out.  This happens in the morning as well as in the evening and after a few days of it I stopped running to the bathroom.  I will now just heave where I am because I know nothing is going to come out and it only gets worse if I go to the bathroom.

How I'm Feeling: Terrible.  There was a point this week that I told C that I was considering being "one and done" because I was so horrible sick feeling and uncomfortable because of the bloat.  It wasn't fun at all.  I was very happy when week 7 ended.

Appointments, News, and Updates: I had my first ultrasound this week!  We saw the baby and everything looked great.  The ultrasound was done so that we could date the pregnancy since I wasn't sure and I was right where I was supposed to be and my due date was held where it was.  I also had my first appointment with WIC.  Since C and I are both in school and I'm barely working we live off of the food we get through school.  I quickly realized that the options there were not healthy enough and I needed to supplement.  A friend suggested I try WIC and I am so happy I did.  If you are PG and at all worried that the extra cost of food will prevent you from eating healthy or as much food as you need GO TO WIC!  It's not a ton of food but it'll take care of the "good stuff" that also tends to be more expensive, like milk, juice, fruits, veggies, and beans.  I hope I won't have to be on WIC long, but for the time I need it it's been great.

Week 8

Symptoms: Week 8 was similar to Week 7 with some slight improvements.  I stopped keeping crackers with me and felt OK with not eating right away in the morning.  The bloat was still bad but would not hit after every meal, just when I ate meat or veggies.  If it was a fruit-based or carb-based meal I would not get the bloat.  The dry heaving continues, mostly at night.  I also tend to feel great in the morning and really sick at night.  To the point where I'm moaning myself to sleep because I feel so icky.  Which drove C nuts.  Haha!  Biggest symptom this week?  PREGNANCY BRAIN!  It was ridiculous.  This was the week of my finals and I was trying to study and write an essay and it was worthless.  I couldn't focus on anything and then if you tried to tell me something I'd forget five minutes later. 

How I'm Feeling:  Still icky but better.  I stopped saying I wanted to be "one and done" and started thinking that I could do this again if I was given some time to forget about the week before.

Appointments and Updates: I didn't have any doctor's appointments, but I did have my finals this week.  Despite the lack of focus and inability to remember anything, I managed to retain enough to get 100% on my English essay final and 105% on my Small Group Communication final.  I also got 100% on my Drama final scene but that was a gimme.  My fourth class didn't have a final.  Another 4.0 GPA in the bag!  Let's see if I can keep it up next semester when my brain is being eaten by the baby full time!

Weeks 9 and 10 coming up soon and then I'm *almost* caught up!


Tanya said...

It will get better, you will feel normal again ;) take care

Onajobi Jessica said...

Wishing you all the best Janine, as you move up the 40 weeks ladder. I like how you inspire other expecting moms like us with your shared experiences.