Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Pregnancy Week by Week | 11-12

Ugh, I suck at this weekly journal thing.  I apologize.  I meant to post this last week but the moment I got home from my trick back to MN I was bombarded with the need to do a million things around the house.  Plus I had an appointment for something or other literally every day since I got back.   Plus a bridal show last weekend.  I just got side tracked too much and now suddenly two weeks have gone by.  Whoopsies!  Well, better late than never.

So without further ado...

Weeks 11 and 12

Exhibit A
Symptoms: My dry heaving would happen every few days.  I would think it was gone because I'd experienced none for 2, 3, or even 4 days at a time and then I'd have another night of dry heaving fits.  None as bad as previous, though.  The most interesting thing that happened to me during these weeks has to do with my body changes.  My bloating is basically here to stay forever and not I look pregnant.  Like, REALLY pregnant!  More pregnant than I am (see Exhibit A).  I was fine one day and then suddenly BOOM!  Hello baby belly.  At first it would sort of come and go, but eventually just came and never left.  Suddenly none of my pre-pregnancy pants fit and me and most of my shirts stopped fitting very dramatically and almost overnight.  Luckily, I was still in MN and Mom was more than willing to go maternity clothes shopping with me.  We hit up several Good Wills and found a little outfit that I'm happy with for now.  I will need more shirts soon, but that will come.  The other big change was the boobs.  I grew two cup sizes (32C to 34DD) and needed to invest in new bras.  I splurged and got some nice ones because I hear you need extra support during pregnancy.  Let's just hope they don't grow too much more now!

How I'm Feeling: I still felt the need to take a nap most afternoons, but other than that I started feeling really great during these weeks.  I flew back to CA at the end of the 11th week with no issues.  I can go out and not feel sick and uncomfortable and the dry heaving has stopped enough that I'm no longer concerned about it.  I've been getting a little bit of nesting fever since getting back to CA and have been cleaning my room and de-cluttering my crap for a few weeks, which has felt great!  I'm interested in seeing how my energy keeps up when I'm back in school and can't nap in the afternoons now.

Appointments, News, Updates: In week 12 I had a bunch of appointments.  I started a program at a women's center here in town called "Earn While You Learn".  It's great and I highly recommend all pregnant women search for a similar program in your area.  Basically, I take one to two classes a week.  They last about an hour and consist of watching a TV with my mentor (a really awesome nurse named Melanie) and then discussing what I've learned.  I get credits for attending and can use these credits to buy baby stuff from their boutique.  It's a great deal, too!  A Pack N Play is only 60 credits, a baby carrier 30, a crib 100, etc.  I've already earned about 60 points in just four classes!  I plan to stock up on baby gear with all of my credits after my shower in April.  I've also had to go to a dentist (see my Pregnancy Woes post for more detail on that) a few times.  No official midwife appoint though, I'll get that this Monday (end of week 13) so more info on that then.

Up next: Week 13.  Unless I get lazy in which case it'll be Weeks 13 and 14.  Because you know I'll probably forget.  Pregnancy brain is fun!

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