Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mail Order Lighting Review

I have recently started to spend a lot of time researching some home decorating options for the Our Home.  One big thing that I am just itching to replace are the old, dirty, dated ceiling fans in our house, especially the one in the bedroom.  I don't like ceiling fans in general as they collect dust and allergens easily so I have been on the hunt for a great light to replace it with.  If you are like me, and love looking at everything there is to do with house decorating, check out Mail Order Lighting!

This website specializes in lighting, obviously, and they carry every kind of light you can think of!  Wall lights, floor lamps, table lamps, Tiffany lights, and lights to brighten up pictures and art.  Of course they also have ceiling lights which is the section I jumped to immediately upon finding this site.  Their variety is so expansive that I had to narrow down my search even more just to find a smaller selection to choose from.  The type of light didn't concern me so I went on to selecting the room it would go in, and clicked on "bedroom".  That narrowed it down some, but I wanted to see what they would suggest if we dug even deeper.   Since the house is over 100 years old I opted for a "Traditional" style of lighting and narrowed it down further by specifying we would want a light that used standard light bulbs.  

After searching through the eight pages of remaining lights I fell in love with this light: Antwerp 3 light ceiling fitted in antique chrome.  It would perfectly replace our 3 light ceiling fan, looks about the same size so it won't overwhelm the space, and the antique chrome finish matches other fixtures in our room.   I'm in love, and the price is excellent at just £55.30 (on sale!). 

Of course after I was done finding a light that would actually work in our space, I decided to have a little fun with this website and explore some of their more creative and contemporary light options.   By clicking on the "Style" tab on the home page and then selecting "Contemporary Lighting" I was greeted with 87 pages of amazingly beautiful, unique, and stunning lights.  Designs and styles that would never work in our home, but if I ever moved into a modern home would love to have some of these on display.  They aren't just lights, they are works of art!  I came across a great modern wall light that would make an excellent hallway light in a modern home.  It would great if you have artwork or beautiful family portraits lighting the wall as a way to help bring out the artfulness of the hallway.  Hallways don't have to just be bland, boring corridors you walk down anymore!

This is a great site for all of my UK and European readers who are looking to do a renovation or just need to replace a lighting fixture.  It has a huge selection that will ensure you find the exact light or feature you are looking for to spice up your house a bit.  The prices are very reasonable as well!

Swing by and check out Mail Order Lighting, even if you aren't on the hunt for a light, just because it's fun to look at their beautiful selection and day dream a little!


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