Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby Lurve Review

You all know that I am a sucker for all things baby.   I love the clothes, the toys, the furniture... everything!  And I can't help but spend maybe a little too much time on some of my favorite online baby shops looking at all of the cuteness and I always come across something I've never seen before.  That's what happened to me today when exploring Baby Lurve

The Il Tutto Changing Bags  (Mia Bag in red pictured left) really caught my eye!  If you are a photographer and a fan of photography bags like Kelly Moore Camera Bags you will love these bags!  They are similar in that they are fashionable but designed specifically to be used as a diaper bag, similar to how Kelly Moore bags are great for camera gear.  If you dread the idea of hauling around your stereotypical plastic-y diaper bag, do check these out!  Yes, they are expensive but if this is something you love they would make a great addition to a baby registry or maybe a Christmas gift from a special someone. 

Not quite your style or within your price range?  Check out the Babymel line of changing bags.  With almost 30 designs and a fraction of the price you are bound to find the bag design and price that fits your needs.  I'm gaga for the Amanda style bag, specifically the Black & White Floral design bag (pictured on the right).  It's fashionable, adorable, affordable, and great for your baby supply hauling needs.   Definitely beats gross, genertic, non-stylish diaper bags of yore.

Besides having a great selection of stylish bags and other baby gear, Baby Lurve is an easy to navigate site that is please on the eyes.  It's not busied up with a ton of graphics and pictures which makes navigating and exploring all of the great baby gear available easy and fun.  It's on of those store that you can spend hours in... if you're crazy about baby gear like me!  For my UK readers with a baby on the way (or know someone with a baby on the way), this is a must-stop for great gift giving ideas!  Also be sure to follow Baby Luvre on Facebook for deals and gift ideas.


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