Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Green Gift Guide | Traid Craft Shop Review

It's that time of the year again!  Time to kick off my Holiday Gift Guide.  I am so excited about the ideas I have going around this year and hope the guide will help you with your gift buying.  As of right now I am only planning a couple of giveaways due to an extremely busy schedule for me this time of the year.  I apologize for not doing my regular giveaway series, but I hope you will still stop by to see all of my favorite stores and gift ideas.

To start things off this year I'd love to tell my UK readers about this fantastic site that I recently stumbled upon.  It's called Traidcraft Shop and if you are looking to go eco-friendly and Fair Trade with your gift buying this year, start here! has a great article on Why to Buy Fair Trade that will explain the importance of buying Fair Trade product.  Once you know why you should shop Fair Trade, head on over to Traidcraft Shop for quality products that would make great gifts for your loved ones this holiday season!

Since I think it is so important for my niece's and nephews' generation to recognize the importance of Fair Trade I just love buying them high quality products that they can love for years.  When searching for a great gift idea for my niece and nephews my eyes immediate went to the Mandy Monkey.  Mandy Monkey, according to her product description, "is handmade in Sri Lanka by weavers who use traditional hand-looming methods to create Mandy's colourful clothes. These include a removable dress as well as a skirt and top. The toy is filled with natural kapok fibre."  Plus she's cute as can be!  I can see both my niece and my nephews being attracted to her appearance and her softness.  My niece is just starting to move around on her own and always seems to have her favorite stuffed animal in her hand as she scoots.  I can just see Mandy, with her long limbs and tail, in my nieces little hand and curled up with her in her crib at night.  Just picturing it is too cute!

For a brief period of my life I collected a new Nativity Set each Christmas.  I stopped that when the number of Nativity Sets started to outnumber space in my house that I could display them on, but when I saw the Mini Nativity Scene in a Box I was VERY tempted to begin my collection again.  It's product description describes it as "a unique gift box, which contains five mini ceramic nativity figures made by master potters in Peru. Mary, Joseph, a crib, sheep and ox are all nestled on a bed of dried grass."  But what I love most about it is that its unique.  I have never come across a Nativity set quite like this one.  It is simple and beautiful and small enough for even the smallest of apartments, but beautifully unique enough to not get lost in a large home.  I could see it going above a mantle or on a book shelf.  The price is right on this unique piece of art and it would make a great stocking stuffer or small gift exchange gift.

Finally, I am a wine lover.   A big wine lover.  Living in wine country, wine is a central part of my social life.  I'm not a heavy drinker, but a glass on a Friday night is a great way to relax, and going to Napa for a "girls weekend" is a highlight every spring.  So when I saw that Traidcraft Shop had a whole wine section, I just had to click on it!  It was there that I found the Elephant Wine Rack, which made me think "this is an awesome gift!".  Maybe get some cheap wine as a joke and fill the rack and have it be a White Elephant gift or include some nice, quality Fair Trade wine (available on the website!) and its an ideal gift for the wine lover in your life.  Handmade in India from wrought iron with a matte black finish, this wine rack is designed to hold six bottles of wine and sit comfortably on your counter top or wet bar.  Obviously this is a great gift for a wine lover, but it would also be a great gift for anyone who has just purchased or moved in to a new home as a house warming gift.

There are many, many more products available on Traidcraft Shop.  Only featuring three was hard and I spent a lot of time narrowing down what I wanted to feature.  I kept affordability and audience in mind, but I promise you, whoever you have on your list this year, you can find a gift for them here.  And for being Fair Trade the prices are affordable even for those on a budget.  Happy Holiday Shopping!

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