Monday, October 1, 2012

My New Favorite App Saved Me $90! Plus a Great Deal!

Yesterday was quite the day!  C and I got in the car around 1PM to go run some errands and my car didn't start.  We decided to try jumping it to see if that was the issue and it started right up.  The problem is, that's a brand new freakin' battery!  We ran to WalMart where I had bought it back in July and they were actually really nice and replaced the battery for me.  Annoying, but not too bad.  And because that happened I actually saved myself $90 yesterday!  Here's how...

While waiting for them to check and replace the battery I was playing around with my phone (for my long time readers, yes, I finally have a "smart" phone that actually has apps and all that fun stuff... though I still miss my corn phone!).  I stumbled upon an app called Weekly Ads and Sales.   This moment, I think, has changed my life for the better forever!

Weekly Ads and Sale lets you search all of the stores in your area and view their weekly ads.  I have been in the market for a new external harddrive for work purposes, so I decided to check the ads for WalMart, Best Buy, Staples, etc. to see who had the best prices.  I learned that Staples had a Toshiba 1TB External Hard Drive for just $89.99 (WAH!!!).

As soon as my car was fixed I told H we had to get to Staples for this deal.  When we got there we discovered they were sold out.  :(  Luckily, Best Buy was right next door so we decided to head that way to see what they had going on sale-wise.

While there I found the hard drive that was on sale over at Staples, priced at $179.99 at Best Buy.  I decided to see if they would price match even though the price was so dramatically different.  Well, as you can see from the receipt below, they did!

Honestly, had I not downloaded that app and played around with it I probably would have just bought the hard drive at WalMart (honestly, I didn't even look to see what their prices were, although according to their sales ad they didn't have anything this affordable) and missed out on this deal!  Staples was sold out but thanks to most chain stores having price comparison deals I got the hard drive for the price I wanted.

I can see this app coming in handy for grocery shopping, especially if you're a couponer.  I'm also sure it's old news since I'm way behind on the times.  But if you're like me and you've just entered the worlds of "Phones with Apps" this may still be news for you.  So you're the reason I wrote it.  Yup.  :)  Enjoy!

Also, I know there are more affordable hard drives out there, but since I aim for quality with my work-related purchases I usually try to get one that has good reviews from a reputable company, hence why I was so excited to see this particular external hard drive on sale.

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