Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dr. Bronners, I Love You!

Back in 2009 I wrote my Ode To: Dr. Bronner's post, and just yesterday was reminded why I love Dr. Broner's oh-so-very-much.

At about noon yesterday a friend messaged me that the final Presidential Debate was that evening.  We've been coming together at my house for pizza and watching the debates since they started so he was asking if we were doing the same for this one.  To be honest, I'd had such a busy weekend that I completely spaced that there was another debate on Monday.  Ah!  But, I didn't want to let my friends down and I figured  people would be showing up anyway since it had become something of a tradition, so we planned to start meeting up around 4PM.

Here's where the problem comes in... we have a few extra dogs than we usually have in our house lately since we are dog sitting for my mother-in-law.  One of the dogs, a super adorable and really, really friendly dachshund mix is not exactly the most house broken.  She'll go outside if you let her out, but unlike Boo she won't go to the door and let you know when that happens.  If you forget to let her out she'll just go wherever she feels.  We also have our 16 year old who just sort of pees as he walks these days.  So I came home on Sunday to about 6 pee stains and my house smelling like urine.  NOT FUN.  And not something I wanted to put my friends through.

But thanks to Dr. Bronners (and some GSE and water) my house now smells minty fresh and looks amazingly clean.  With just a single squirt of Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap.  Yes, there was a moment that I spent sitting at my kitchen table with my bottle of Dr. Bronner's, staring at it lovingly and thanking it for actually making my house smell good.

Yeah.  I'm a crazy person.  And this was a very random post.  I just wanted to share.  :)

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