Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Name is J, and I Am A Comm Studies Nerd

My decision to go back to college last year was mostly due to my now-husband thinking it would be a lot of fun if we both went to the same college. I went to college immediate out of high school and got my degree, but it was a degree in acting. And even though I run my own successful photography studio and have no intentions on changing careers ever, I figured, why not? It's good to be well rounded and keep learning.

So back to college I went with the full intentions of getting a degree in business/small business/business marketing (there was much debate about which route I would take when I started). For my first semester I basically took whatever classes were still open when I registered. One of those classes just happened to be Public Speaking.

It was my public speaking instructor who took a liking to me and said I showed some talent in the speaking department. She recommended I look into joining the communications department. Initially, I shrugged it off. I was there, at this point, with the plan to do the best thing I possibly could do for my business and that was to learn the most I could about anything business related.

But she brought it up again. And then again. The more she did it the more I was warming up to the idea. She pointed out that a good business operates best when it's public face knows how to speak and present themselves. This is true. I also learned that the Communications Studies degree requires a minor in a separate department and business marketing was suggested to me. Well, that's what I wanted right?

So I made the switch from the Business department to the Communications Studies department. If you are a long time follower of my blog you already know all of this. But this is what you don't know... As of this semester I have realized the dark truth in becoming a Communications Studies major...

You become a Comm Studies Nerd. And there really is no way to avoid it.

This realization came to me Saturday after waking up at 4AM and dragging myself to the campus to hop in a car with other Comm Studies Nerds and driving to the Bay Area for (wait for it...) (wait for it...) DEBATE CAMP.


Now, waking up at 4AM is nothing new for me. As a wedding photographer I am frequently rising early so I can capture a morning wedding (which usually results in the bride getting ready before the crack of down). So that wasn't extreme. I also do a lot of work in the Bay Area so driving there and back in a day is nothing new. No. It was the fact that I actually went to an event called "Debate Camp" and LIKED IT.

Loved it, in fact.

So here I am now realizing that my life is changed forever. I am still me. Still married. Still living the green life. Still loving photography. But there's more now. I am a Comm Studies Nerd. Nice to meet you. :)

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