Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good-Bye, Childhood Home!

About a month ago I called my parents just to chat when the dropped a doozy on me.

"How would you feel if we decided to sell the house and move?" My Mom asked me.

Honestly, not too surprised.  It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on half an acre and now that there are no children living at home I can understand them wanting to sell and maybe downgrade.  And they'd just done a whole renovation so I assumed they could make a pretty nice profit on the sale.  So I said "I'd understand and be OK with that!"

That's when they really hit me with it.

"OK, good!  Because we saw this house today and I think we're going to buy it!"  -Mom

Wah!  OK, a little out of the blue, especially for my relatively "play it safe" financially conservative parents.  I understood a little more when they informed me that they find a nice 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house that had a perfect view of the lake (Superior) that they just loved.


Yes, the day I talked to my parents was the same date they looked at the house and randomly though "hey, let's think about buying this".

That next Sunday their offer was accepted.  They closed on the house last week.

I'm OK with this, I really am.  I only lived in that house for 8 years of my childhood and really don't feel much attachment to that house.  I felt more attached to the house we lived in before we had to move across state for my Dad's job.  THAT I see as my childhood house.  This house was just a place I lived.

But gosh darnnit if this whole thing didn't make me realize that I am still using my parent's address as my permanent address for A LOT of things.  I mean A LOT!  I never stopped using it because I figured I move around so darn much it was just easier to keep it all at one address.  And I didn't think they'd sell it this quickly.

So now to go through the hassle of changing my address.  *sigh*  Now to decide if I should just use my new address (even though we've decided to not stay in California much longer) or to use the parent's new address.  Ah.  Decisions.

Either way, HUGE Congratulations to my parents who now have a fabulous Lake Superior view without having to go to the upstairs bathroom.  And congratulations at making house buying seem deceptively easy! 

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