Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Glasses? Oh My! Firmoo Review

I have been wearing glasses since I was in the first grade and I remember the days of picking out glasses, wearing them, breaking them, having to live without them while new ones were ordered, etc.  I remember thinking "Why don't I just get two pairs of glasses, so if one breaks I have a back-up?"  The reason?  My parents couldn't afford it.  Luckily, these days there is a company called Firmoo out there that will allow you (and your child, inner-child, or 49ers-fan) to purchases two - or more! - pairs of glasses at an affordable price.  How?  Well, your first pair of glasses with Firmoo is free!

Free?  FREE?! Yes.  Free!

If I still wore glasses, I would ROCK these!
Just head on over to the Firmoo Free Glasses page and follow the easy instructions to getting your first pair of eyewear with Firmoo free.  You really can't beat free, right?

I mean, I'd offer a giveaway for this company but there really is no point because everyone wins with Firmoo!

Now, I know what you are thinking.

"Free, huh?  They probably have a few out-of-fashion glasses to select from that I want nothing to do with."

That is what I thought at first, too, but then I actually went to the Firmoo website and looked at their selection.  They have everything there that you could possibly want from a glasses company.

Select your style based on shape, material, frame, or size.

Want rectangle?  Oval?  Round?  Avatar?  They got 'em.

Titanium?  Plastic?  Metal?  Got ya covered!

Full frame?  Rimless?  Yup, those too.

Looking for the latest style?  Want to go retro?  Think big 80s style is coming back into fashion?  Head on over to Firmoo and you will find what you are looking for.

Don't wear glasses?  Me either (anymore)!  Thanks to a LASIK procedure a few years ago I no longer rock my glasses on a daily basis. So when Firmoo approached me about doing a review for them I initially was going to say no, until I realized that 1) this review can help a lot of my glasses wearing readers our and 2) they have some awesome sunglasses!

I have more sensitivity to light and find that wearing sunglasses on a sunny day is essential for me.  So when opportunity knocks and says "free pair of sunglasses!" well... who am I to say no to that?

After spending a fair amount of time browsing the prescription sunglasses selection at Firmoo I fell in love with the awesome pair you now see pictured to your left.

I love them.  They are a lot sturdier than the sunglasses I usually buy (dollar store, woooot!) and actually managed to last through almost two entire months of the summer.  That's a miracle in my book!  And they are still going strong and I wear them on an almost daily basis.

And, yes, you can get them without prescription lenses for all you non-eyeglass wearing readers out there!

OK, I know what you're thinking now.

"I'm not 7.  I don't need a back-up pair of glasses!  I am responsible with my eyewear!"

Brief funny "OMG I Wish I Had a Back-up Pair of Glasses" story time.

You all know that I recently got married while on a cruise ship in Grand Cayman.  My best friend/maid of honor/photographer Susan joined us on our cruise and we actually all flew in to Florida together.  After deplaning at the Fort Lauderdale airport Susan went into a store to buy something and as she looked down to the item on the shelf her glasses snapped in half.  She did nothing!  She wasn't even touching them.  They just snapped, right then and there.

We were less than a day away from boarding a cruise ship for five days.  Less than a day!!  It was also about 6PM on a Saturday, so finding an eye glass place that would be open seemed almost impossible.  We rushed around and finally found one place open that had frames that would fit her current lenses.  After shelling out of $65 for the frames only, Susan was able to go on the cruise and actually be able to see what was happening.  Which was good because she was our photographer!

Susan would have benefited from having a pair of back-up glasses packed in her suitcase at that moment.  It would have saved us all a lot of panic and frustration as we spent the first three hours of our "vacation" rushing around Fort Lauderdale trying to buy frames.  The moral?  Always have two pairs of glasses.  :)

So Firmoo has a little something for everyone, they are affordable, they are stylish, and you get one pair for free.  So... what are you waiting for??

What I Love: The selection, price (even if you have to pay for them, they are affordable!), delivery time was fast, and their free eyewear offer is amazing!  A great way to get a back-up pair of glasses along with your main pair of glasses for those unfortunately moments when something happens and your glasses snap in two.

What I Don't Love: Not made or shipped from the US so my eco-friendly side isn't quite as thrilled as my frugal side. 

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